PV Mime – What IF

Watch PV Mime!!! They dance to James Fortune song ‘What If’!! Amazing and creative to send a message of encouragement!!

Enjoy it Now!

PV Mime:
pvMimeThe purpose of PV MIME is to serve in obedience to Christ Jesus. This effort is lead by the Spirit of God on the campus of Prairie View A&M University. We are college students sharing the Gospel, dedicated to do what is instructed according to the Will of God in order to excel in life. Mark 16:15, “And He said to them, ‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.”
PV MIME first priority is to magnify the Kingdom of God, and satisfy this sacred responsibility with gratitude for our own salvation. Gladly and thankfully, we will help lead as many college students to Christ as possible. We work hard ministering to our peers what has been revealed to us in the Spirit and through the Holy Scriptures. We will use whatever opportunities given to us to accomplish the Lord’s mandate.
When Justin Titus was a freshman at Prairie View A&M University, he had already been involved in mime ministry back home. His love for the ministry and his eaferness to please God led him to start a solo ministry on campus. He began to minister at talent shows and events frequently on campus and peaked the other founders interest. Jamell Fields stayed across the hall from Justin in their freshman dorm, and he expressed an eagerness to get into the ministry as well. DeAndre Williams got in contact with Justin, expressing that he too wanted to get into mime. Rickie Doddand LaQuincy Arnold had both been in mime ministry prior to contacting Justin, and they each wanted to get involved. Thus the young men had a meeting, and God brought them together so that his will could be done on PV’s campus. The ministry was anointed that day and the anointing has continued to grow ever since. The very next year, One Accord, a female mime group was started from the inspiration of God’s movement thru PV MIME. Each ministry has grown in number and in spirit, and continues to minister across the country bringing the gospel to people in this unique way of expression.

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