The More I Praise – Feat. Canton Jones, Jason Champion

Take a listen to “The More I Praise” featuring Canton Jones and Jason Champion!! This is BLAZIN HOT!!!! From our Friends at Tyscot Records, Deitrick Haddon releases his NEW CD w/Voices of Unity. “A Beautiful Soul Movie Soundtrack”. Preview the FULL CD here!!

For Immediate Release:
On May 2nd, Tyscot Music & Entertainment will release the new CD from Deitrick Haddon presents Voices of Unity, A Beautiful Soul-Music Inspired by the Motion Picture.
Momentum is building about this release and there has been substantial buzz surrounding its current radio single “No Betta”, featuring Deitrick Haddon and Faith Evans.  Penned as a fun and inspiring anthem of victory, “No Betta” has received countless praises from fans since its release to radio.
“You and Me,  Me and You together, Spending Time with family, it gets No Betta, knowing God is on our side, it gets No Betta”,  are a few lyrics from “No Betta” and throughout the track, Faith and Deitrick collaboratively express how wonderful life is with Jesus by your side.
In addition to love at radio, there has been an overwhelming positive response on various social networks, including Twitter where Haddon followers have been tweeting nonstop about the song’s energetic vibe, music and lyrics.
No Betta is just one of many hits from A Beautiful Soul and fans can also look forward to enjoying many more collaborations from guest artists on the summer time release.
A Beautiful Soul also includes the tracks Marching Orders featuring Kierra Sheard; The More I Praise You, featuring Canton Jones and New Life featuring Fonzworth Bentley.
The excitement has just begun for the release of A Beautiful Soul-Music Inspired by the Motion Picture and with God at the forefront it truly gets ‘no betta’.

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