The Flame Anthem – Edwin Fawcett feat. Sylvia Ideh

The Flame Anthem:

In preparation for the Olympic and Paralympic Games taking place in London this Summer, Edwin Fawcett has composed The Flame Anthem, a fresh new song with a sport/faith link, drawing strongly from the Bible passages that speak of running the race, aiming for a goal, pressing onwards, winning a crown, working together and more…
With three verses reflecting each of the three Olympic values of respect, friendship and excellence, this song is being used as the theme song at the CYMFed Flame Congress on March 24th, in the world-famous Wembley Arena, London’s second biggest concert venue, where Edwin will be leading music for up to 10,000 young people. To this event he will be bringing a new youth choir which he recently founded from the Olympic London borough of Newham, and directing a smaller group of musicians and singers from across the UK.
One of these singers is the silky-voiced Sylvia Ideh, a university student and featured vocalist on The Flame Anthem. Sylvia has been singing in Edwin’s choir in churches and cathedrals around London for the last few years, and she was one of three young gospel soloists on stage in September 2010 at the Hyde Park Papal Vigil, singing for the crowd of 80,000 people. The anthem also features an amateur choir made up of twenty-two hard-working leaders who work as volunteers with thousands of young people each year at residential retreat centres around the UK.
There is a more mellow acoustic version and a more lively electronic version of The Flame Anthem. Both can be streamed online for free or downloaded individually or with their instrumental versions as a 4-track EP from

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