Signature – Bigger than All

Watch the video from the new group ‘Signature’!! An incredible song ‘Bigger than all’ will also be feature on our Top 20 list!! This song needs to be heard worldwide!!

signatureContemporary Gospel Recording Group “Signature” Releases New Single “Bigger Than All”
Hueytown, AL:  National recording group, Signature is bringing their “signature” sound to gospel airwaves across the nation with their single “Bigger Than All”, produced by Fred Jerkins and Alvin Garrett.  The three young ladies comprised of the fresh sounds of Signature include sister trio, Bonnie, Kristie and Michelle
Signature possesses a natural gift for music and they are poised to stand out with their new label, Birmingham Entertainment/Epic Entity Music Group.  Noting such musical influences as Kim Burrell, The Clark Sisters and Beyoncé, in taking one listen to Signature’ s single, you quickly discover that these ladies are not only gifted, but anointed and equipped with a musical blend that is unparalleled.
With a sisterly blend that is reminiscent of some of the greatest gospel groups in recent times, Signature is sure to cross a wide range of denominational and cultural barriers with their unique harmonies and infectious sound.
The daughters of Pastor Charlie and First Lady Bernette Lett of Greater Grace Community Church in Hueytown, Alabama, Signature has been proclaiming the gospel in song since the days of their youth.
Signature is nothing short of a “signature” sound, from three anointed vessels.  For additional information contact, Wanda Adams at
Signature possesses a natural gift for music and is poised to standout with their new label, Birmingham Entertainment/ Epic Entity Music Group. Kristie; 25, Michelle; 23, and Bonnie; 26 are a multi-talented trio from Birmingham, AL, touching a broad spectrum of musical styles ranging from traditional to contemporary gospel. Other musical influences include Kim Burrell, The Clark Sisters and Beyoncé.
signatureMusicThey are the daughters of Pastor Charlie and First Lady BernetteLett of Greater Grace Community Church in Hueytown, AL. Signature began their musical journey at ages five, six, and seven and credit their mother as the motivation behind their talented ability.
Kristie jokingly reflects back on their childhood beginning. “She [mom] kind of forced us. We used to sing together around the house and one day she took us to the church and made us sing together in harmony. We didn’t want to at first but after we finished, she was crying and that’s how we became known as The Lett Sisters.”
Like many church singers, these three decided to test the waters in the R&B industry; however, their strong faith and Christian foundation led them back to gospel music.
“It didn’t feel right for us,” Bonnie shares. So we decided to go back to what we know.”
Michelle adds, “Since then, we’ve had a lot of change and a lot of growth. We also tried several different group names before deciding on Signature.” This name was given to them by a friend and holds quite a significant meaning.
“God has three parts, in which He plays the signature roles of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit”, Kristie explains. “We’re the same in how we’re coming together as one with the signature sounds that God gave us. We share three roles but we have one purpose.”
In 1999, the sisters were finalists in “McDonalds Presents: It’s ShowTime at the Apollo.” Years passed before they were discovered by their current manager, Johnny Wilson, in 2008. He saw them on a TV program and encouraged them to continuing pursuing their talents.
Their first album, Sunshine, was produced by Erick Matthews and received continual play on local radio stations. Signature’s sophomore project is currently being produced by Alvin Garrett (Trin-i-tee 5:7, Ruben Studdard, Deitrick Haddon), Fred “Uncle Freddie” Jerkins III (Brandy, Monica, Destiny’s Child Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson), and Johnny Wilson, manager. Their new single release is entitled “Bigger Than All.” All three ladies write and sing lead in their songs.
This talented group of young ladies have a sincere desire to be a positive influence as they minister to the lives of today’s youth, and they are indeed, ready for the spotlight.


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