S.O. – Radical ft. Lecrae & J. Williams (UK Gospel)

Take a listen to “Radical”, the NEW song from UK Gospel Artist “S.O.”, featuring UK Gospel Artist J. Williams and U.S. Gospel Rapper ‘Lecrae’!!
This CD is PACKED w/encouraging lyrics, watch the VIDEO HERE!
We want to thank our friends at Lamp Mode and Preacher Boy Entertainment!

Nigerian born and London raised, Seun “S.O.” Otukpe is no stranger to rap. A love for hip-hop was birthed in him from a young age, saying his first rhyme at 6 years old at his grandmother’s birthday party. But even with this love, he did not dream of doing music. Upon coming to Christ in 2004, at age 15 his focus changed from wanting fortune and fame, to serving and pleasing God.
After years of the Lord working on his soul, and S.O. working on his craft, a gospel-centered artist was formed.  In 2010, S.O. accomplished both a degree in Theology from Durham University, and a mixtape offering called “The 5 Solas Mixtape“. It was an encouraging contribution to the soul and to the ear, and one that caught the ear of Lamp Mode Recordings.
In 2011, Lamp Mode Recordings signed S.O. as their first international artist. Currently, both parties are excited about the future, and hopeful in the Lord’s sustaining and providential grace to spread the fame of Christ.
In a world filled with hate and deceit, a place were teenagers are portrayed by the media as socially uncontrollable characters. The Lord Jesus Christ has called a young man out of the crowd and placed in him a Word to encourage, give hope and reach a generation that are now lost. Deemed “the future” by his peers, Seun Otukpe a/k/a S.O. has his heart set to do the work of the Lord. Standing on what Paul told Timothy and not “despising the days of his youth” he uses rap (rhythm and poetry) as a tool of communicate the gospel.
The phrase “come from a mighty long way” is what S.O. would describe his journey in life as. From living in Nigeria and coming to start a new life in London at the age of 9, to losing his father over a tragic car accident. His road hasn’t been an easy one, but he always knew there was something better watching at the end. “When growing up I re-call telling my sister I wanted to be a pastor… don’t get many kids saying that”, says S.O. The year 2004 was the year he saw himself surrender his life to Jesus Christ, “that was a wonderful experience and it was real, how do I know? Simple. I have seen change.” Already having an interest in music S.O. knew it would be too easy to just jump into gospel rap, “I really didn’t want to rap, I thought it was an easy way out” but little did S.O. know that the Lord had already planned to use him to reach a generation.
2005 saw a change in mindset as S.O. met UK Gospel group New Direction, they saw the talent and simply nurtured it. Eager to learn, he watched as the Lord worked through his new friends and mentors but didn’t rush to jump on the stage. It wasn’t until 2006 that S.O. knew that it was time to begin a ministry that will not phase out but a ministry that would stand the test of time and also be powerful.
In the past year S.O. has been mentioned in magazines such as Gospel Link and sites like UK and UB1. He has performed at events such as God Corner, F.O.L, Soul Survivor and Afro Hair & Beauty Show to name a few. S.O. has featured on tracks with leading UK gospel artists like Jahaziel and Four Kornerz. He was also featured on the R Music TV show “Out of the Box”. The future is still bright for S.O. as he sees himself starting a whole new journey to study Theology in Durham University, a subject that is very dear to his heart. “Studying theology is core for me……I want to bring the Word of God accurately”. So to think that this young man is only 20 and his eyes are fixed on the Lord gives one hope that there are still young people in this generation that have a heart for God.
Lyrics for ” Radical ft. Lecrae & J. Williams”
Verse 1:
Uh, they say that im radical
And I should go on a sabbatical
Go and take a break, go on a paper chase and escape and have a go my answers no!
I’m chained up to my masters throne a slave loving His Master
Some of my heroes stayed in them catacombs
Eaten up by them animals
Its radical and outrageous look how we move coz’ Jesus has saved us
Move with our Maker look at our make-up
Live it out gracious making that statement, stating
Call us names our calls the name
Not to make way in the hall of fame
But to pray change it’s all of grace
You can say strange but I won’t sway
I’m radical
The way we livin’ is not the usual, invisible, its incredible
I’m radical
No other way I gotta let them know
I’m radical
They can talk if they want
I’m radical
they can never hold me down
I’m radical (x2)
I’m radical, yes I’m radical
Radical, radical, yes I’m radical, radical, radical
Verse 2:
I’m a radical, eat that truth like an animal – spit it out give it out live it out goin’ head keep your eyes on my mandible
I pray I never eat my words, the way I’m always telling you to read the word (yeah)
Took my faith to places that’s known for hatred of the truth I heard
They probably wanna

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