Michael M. Smith – Above All

Michael M. Smith:
Michael Maurice Smith, a “gifted communicator” with a “wonderful voice” grew up in the Low Country of Charleston, South Carolina as a “PK” (preacher’s kid) and indulged in the world of music, recording and producing his first project by age 14.  Michael recalls, “as far as I can remember, I was told stories about how I would be placed on a chair in church to sing duets with my sister.  She would play the piano and we would sing.  I was too small to be seen.”  Michael began preaching the Gospel at age 15. With Gullah as part of his roots, immersed within the church and strategically placed within God’s plan, Michael later spent time in Atlanta, Georgia. There he served in various capacities of church leadership while ministering to the homeless, crafting his music, and beginning his life with his beautiful wife, Sharon.
Now an award winning recording artist and prolific preacher and teacher of the Gospel, Michael is passionate about leading people into the presence of the Lord and inspiring them to live a life of worship.  He is often described as one of the most exciting and energetic worship leaders in the body of Christ today.  From conferences and concerts to worship services and small groups, people have come to experience God in a new way through Michael’s powerful ministry.  Michael ascribes to the philosophy of “cooking for the whole house.”  Describing his writing style, Michael states, “I am really inspired by Contemporary Christian and Country Music.  Those artists craft their music to paint a vivid picture with their lyrics.  I want people to be able to see the picture in my head.”
From the saint to the seeker, from the youth to the seniors, this Virginia Beach based songwriter paints a picture for everyone under the sound of his voice.  With his sophomore project Bigger Than I Imagined, released in December 2010, Michael exalts praise for the majesty and greatness of God and takes us into a personal worship experience, beholding the glory of God.  Bigger Than I Imagined speaks to relinquishing our total selves to God, allowing us to discover and realize the immensity of God’s omnipresence, and be selflessly thankful to Him for His love.
From his first album, Worship of A Redeemed Man, Michael’s music has been well received by the music industry and added in medium to heavy rotation on radio stations from Kansas to England as well as Internet radio and Music Choice.  Michael has shared the stage with such artists as Kurt Carr, DeWayne Woods, Maurette Brown-Clark, Earnest Pugh and Melinda Watts and has toured much of the eastern United States as well as Italy and Switzerland.
While abroad, Michael experienced more than just frigid temperatures, tiramisu, and fresh pasta.  Traveling along the European countryside, Michael was amazed at “how it seemed God cupped dirt in His hands and then zigzagged his finger through it to form the mountains.”  Visiting the black clam shell infused shores of the Adriatic Sea, the lemon filled orchards of islands, riding along meandering icy roads, and seeing the olive groves alongside mountains, Michael had no choice but to express his gratitude to God for being The Creator in the title song, “Bigger Than I Imagined.”
Worship Unplugged, Michael’s limited release, direct-to-fan project recorded at his home church, Gethsemane Community Fellowship Baptist Church in Norfolk, Virginia, is a very intimate look into Michael’s life. The live recording captures an intensive night of worship wherein Michael shared his personal testimony of deliverance. The concert moves swiftly from a night of music and celebration into a time of uninhibited, passionate worship with eccentric, pure, unscripted moments of adoration. Dubbed as the CD that takes us “straight in,” the listener follows the audience right into the very presence of Almighty God. The project concludes with a peak into Michael’s prayer closet as he shares a personal prayer song.
Discussing Bigger Than I Imagined, Michael shares, “This project includes some of what I consider my best writing to date.  The songs demonstrate not only my growth as a songwriter, but express a personal journey of worship.”  The album describes the price God paid for our redemption and the limitless love He has for His children. “Go God,” a song of excitement and praise, incorporates a captivating phrase that will become the new salutation of worshippers across the globe.  “Bigger Than I Imagined” transcends us into worship, reminding us that no matter our diversity or geographical position, our God is great.  Differences may separate us, languages may create barriers, but God is still “right there, answering prayer.” In addition to several original songs, Michael included some familiar worship tunes, as well as a cover of the popular Clara Wards favorite, “I’m Packin’ Up,” to create the ultimate worship experience.
At his own Hayah Sounds Studios, as well as partnering with expert engineer/producer Rob Ulsh at nationally known MasterSound Studios as a staff producer, Michael is also producing other Gospel artists and helping them share their ministry.  As Minister of Worship and Arts at his home church, Michael preaches and teaches the Gospel, leads the worship team and serves as a mentor for other worship leaders and ministry coordinators.  He is a piano and vocal instructor for youth and adults in his local area. He is a certified trainer with Leadership Training International, serving as an instructor for the Foundations of Faith Leadership Institute at Gethsemane.  Yet, Michael believes that his greatest and most important ministry is being a proud husband and father.


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