Micah Stampley – Love Never Fails (Album Sampler)

Take a listen to CD Sampler from Micah Stampley’s NEW CD: Love Never Fails.  Purchase it NOW!

 Micah Stampley:

micahStampleyNearly every song ever recorded tackles the topic of love. It’s long been the favored subject for songwriters and poets through the ages, but when an artist turns his focus to the love of Jesus, the result is bound to be powerful, especially when that artist is the multi-talented worship leader, songwriter and producer Micah Stampley.
“It happened organically,” Stampley says of his new Motown Gospel/Interface album Love Never Fails. “The message centers around the love of Jesus, how much he loves us as well as his forgiveness and mercy on our lives. It focuses on the plans he has in store for us. A lot of this album is about provoking people to run to the foot of the cross. It’s been quite an interesting and refreshing journey.”
Love Never Fails is Stampley’s sixth album and his debut on Motown Gospel. The project spotlights the passionate vocal delivery and compelling songwriting that have made him one of the gospel community’s most acclaimed young artists. Stampley and his wife Heidi co-wrote six of the eleven tunes on the album including the exhilarating and emotionally charged worship song “We Will Praise You.” Stampley’s music has long had a global flavor and that approach continues on Love Never Fails. “He Loves Me” is an infectious reggae tune that features vocals from the talented Jamaican songstress Chevelle Franklin, and “Oh Give Thanks” will remind listeners of the sheer jot that comes from God in song.
“I wanted to branch out and explore some different textures and styles,” Stampley says. “I stay true to the message that I’ve always had which is the love of Jesus. My songs always lead you back to the cross with every album that I’ve ever recorded. The Lord has given me the wisdom to keep that message and just tap into a different presentation of it. I love diversity and I love having a global sound. I’ve always wanted to reach different people from all walks of life, from different countries. It’s an honor to get invitations to places like Dubai and Iraq and to know that you’re doing your part in touching the world.”
Born in Los Angeles and raised in Louisiana, young Micah took to music at an early age and was directing choirs by the age of seven. He spent his youth soaking up the sounds of Andrae Crouch, Michael W. Smith and Shirley Caesar as well as Michael Jackson and Cyndi Lauper. By 2005, he made his recording debut with the acclaimed Songbook of Micah album. Since then God has opened doors to a variety of opportunities. Stampley’s music career has soared and he’s expanded into acting, working with Will Farrell in Anchorman Part II and appearing on TV in Tyler Perry’s “House of Pain” and the USA network series “Necessary Roughness.”
Currently living in Atlanta, Stampley is a devoted family man who is passionate about serving God and spreading the gospel. Produced by
Micah.Stampley_LNF_FINAL_CVRMicah and Aaron Lindsey, Love Never Fails showcases Stampley’scontinued commitment to growing musically and sharing the gospel in new and fresh ways to a world that desperately needs hope. He breathes new life into Chris Tomlin’s “Our God.”  Stampley’s desire to embrace diversity in his music is part of his calling and life-line for those who would probably never listen to faith-based music.  Love Never Fails also features a stunning version of the Josh Groban hit, “You Raise Me Up” that is a heartfelt tribute that Stampley dedicates to the people that God used to help shape his life.
One of the most emotionally riveting moments on the album is Stampley’s rendition of Chris Rice’s  “Come To Jesus.” The centerpiece of the album is the title track Love Never Fails, which features guest vocals by SheriJones-Moffett. “It’s just really hard right now for people to grasp that Jesus really does love us,” Stampley says.
“He loves you no matter where you come from. The blood of Jesus never loses its’ power. Nothing can pollute it and time could not dilute it. His blood is still as strong as it was on Calvary. His love is absolutely positively everlasting. Sheri did an incredible job on that song. We both sang with so much conviction and passion just to convey that message.”

Love Never Fails is filled with songs that encourage believers by reminding them of the power of Jesus’ love. It’s a message Micah Stampley is fiercely committed to sharing. “I want people to remember that Jesus loves you,” Stampley says. “He loves you so much. Don’t run away from him. Don’t be embarrassed about what you’ve done in your life. His love will never fail. That’s what I want people to get from this album. When you hear this music, it points to the cross and the love of Jesus Christ.”

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