Marsha Garrick – Hello (UK Gospel)

Marsha Garrick:
Marsha Garrick has been singing and writing Gospel and Inspirational songs for about 12 years. She is described as having ‘soulful’ voice and enjoys delivering her catchy tunes like ‘Hello’ and ‘Open Your Wings’ in the UK and abroad. She has featured on the debut albums of artists such as Roger and Sam Grandison, Guvna B, Simply Andy and The Coalition, and penned songs such as Lady at the Well, made popular by Gospel trio Nu Soul. 

Marsha believes in music ‘for life’s sake’ and has a passion for positive change and social consciousness both in the Christian and Non Christian community. Her live performances with her own five-piece band are notable in the underground music scene, for the unique style and characteristic substance of the talent on display. ‘Live is where it’s at, because that is where you really get to connect with and respond to the people who are hearing you. Many a song has been inspired by the faces of people in a crowd. I see them in my mind when I’m writing the next song’.
Her debut EP, entitled ‘Hello’, is now being played on rotation on internet radio stations such as, Premier Gospel Radio and Swissgroove.
You can purchase the seven track CD from
or download from itunes or emusic.

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