Lisa Mayers – Not Only Human (remix) UK Gospel

  • Take a listen to the beautiful music of Lisa Mayers!! “Not Only Human” is a track with great music, style and message of Christ’s power and love!! We really LOVE THIS SONG!!

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Lisa Mayers:

Lisa Mayers was born to sing! She got her first keyboard as a toddler and when it became evident that she could pick out a melody and sing, her parents further encouraged her by upgrading her through numerous musical toys, organs, and investing in a piano and classical lessons for her from the age of eight. Even if her West Indian parents could not see the far-reaching results of this, God could. Growing up in commuter-belt, Home Counties England, as one of the few Black girls in her respectable catholic ladies college, she quickly established herself as the big mouth with the big voice who was voted ’most likely to become famous’ in the class of ‘93! She listened and harmonised along to “whatever was on the radio”. Be it the pop or rock of the major national stations, or the classic soul, hip hop, r&b or dancehall she’d pick up from the fuzzy urban radio stations just a train ride away. But her love for all music has shaped the Lisa Mayers’ eclectic sound we know and love today.
When the inevitable talent shows, clubs and stage performances started happening during her heady student days, it seemed that Lisa was heading in the direction of many a young R’n’B songstress. Her gritty sound was compared to Faith Evans and Mary J Blige and she was being touted for great things. However beneath the surface it bothered her greatly that she could not write her own songs, no matter how hard she tried. She hated singing mediocre cover versions of songs that she
could not feel. It wasn’t until an encounter with God in 1997 that the creative juices really began to flow. In those formative years Lisa’s ability to write a strong song became apparent when in the comparative safety of her local church, girl-quartet ‘4 His Glory’ was formed.
Over the course of time, one by one each member was called elsewhere but Lisa continued to flourish and grow as a solo artist.
Her inspiration comes through important life issues such as depression, miscarriage, redundancy, and dealing with family crises such as her father’s breakdown. Over the years, many songs have flowed from Lisa’s experiences and deep heartfelt desire to share, encourage, and inspire others to faith in the Son of God. The culmination of this is ‘Fix Your Mind’, her rock-soul anthem, and the gritty title-track to her debut album. It implores mankind to focus on the reality that is to come and that already is. Heaven. Indeed the whole album is a place where a multitude of musical memories and expressions are found, from classical to rock, from fusion and acid-jazz to the rare-groove and soul ‘club classic’ vibe.

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