Kings Ministries – In Your Presence (UK)

Kings Ministries (UK Gospel):
King’s Ministries are a group of young people from all walks of life coming from different denomination’s and background’s but one thing they do have in common is a heart of worship and a desire to see soul’s saved by their ministry.
The group was formed by Courtney King, a native of Birmingham, England and a young man with a desire to serve the Lord and be an encourager to young people all over the world that living for Jesus is fun, exciting and that it is possible in this day and age to have a relationship with God and live for Him!
‘This is a new season for Kings Ministries and God has been opening so many doors for us and the single is only the beginning’. Kings Ministries are currently finishing up a UK Church tour which has proven to be a huge success and established a strong following in their home city and surrounding cities and are now gaining followers from all over the country. ‘The Church tour and the single are not one off’s but we will continue to travel (and travel further afield) and record more songs and albums that God had given to us to bless His people.’
1/11/10 will see Courtney King and Kings Ministries release their debut single ‘In Your Presence’. ‘In Your Presence’ is quickly becoming an anthem and one that people all over the UK have come to love after hearing it live at their concerts.
‘The single is something great’ says Courtney King. ‘So many people have ideas but never put them into action. I often thought of recording our songs but until recently it remained only a thought; but with help from the right people the dream and vision God has given me has now become a reality.
‘In Your Presence’ is a fusion of Pop-Rock & Soul with a hints of traditional Gospel laying the foundation for the song. With blazing guitar riffs and solo’s, a thumping drum groove and synth lines that will have you dancing for days this a song that will not be forgotten easily and is sure to stay on the lips and in the hearts of everyone that hears it.
‘In Your Presence’ is a song that speaks of God’s greatness and how we should desire to consistently seek to stay close to Him. Psalm 16:11 say’s ‘…in thy presence is fullness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.’
‘In Your Presence’ has been REMIXED by Mak Floss a great producer hailing from London which is sure to have people dancing and moving to it’s RnB Soul infused rhythms and instrumentation.
‘Draw Me Nearer’ is a song that really speaks for itself. As Christians when we make a decision to draw close to the Lord it comes from a desire to know Him in a deeper way. Our desire to worship God can sometimes be stopped by thoughts of being inadequate or un-worthy’ says King who seems to have experienced this very feeling himself at some point in his walk with Christ.
The lyrics of the song start off with ‘Draw me nearer to you Saviour, take me as I am’ placing emphasis on the fact that God wants us to come as we are to Him and let Him fix us. This song will minister to the saint and the sinner a-like as we all need to be reminded that God will take us as we are.
All in all, ‘In Your Presence’ is set to be a single that makes an impact on people’s lives and is a song we expect to hear sung in churches all over the world and with ‘Draw Me Nearer’ as a bonus track this release is one that will definitely have the world waiting in anticipation for the album.

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