Kierra Sheard – You Are (New CD)

Kierra Sheard: New CD “FREE”
Armed with a college degree, a fresh anointing and a bold spirit, Grammy nominee and Stellar & Dove Award winning recording artist, writer/producer and an admitted “daddy’s girl,” Kierra Sheard, is back with her fifth CD, Free on her parents’ new family label, Karew Records(pronounced: Kuh-rue)*.  For the first time in her five year solo recording career, the daughter of Karen Clark Sheard (of the legendary Clark Sisters) and Bishop J Drew Sheard of Detroit, Michigan has delivered a live recording packed with soul stirring emotions and messages of hope that will bless and “free” souls from song to song on this 12 track  release.
The budding actress (Preacher’s Kid, Blessed and Cursed), first came to the world’s attention as a 9 year old belting out vocals well beyond her years on the hit, “The Will Of God” on her mother’s 1997 solo debut release, Finally Karen.  By 2004, she had her own label deal with EMI Gospel which helped propel her into Gospel stardom churning out hits that show her vocal prowess and diversity like “You Don’t Know”, “Love Like Crazy,” “Praise Him Now”, and “Invisible”   Fast forward to 2011, Kierra has become one of Gospel’s most powerful female vocalists.  Her maturity and vocal skills are more prominent than ever before on Free.
Produced and written by Kierra and her producer/brother, J Drew Sheard II(JDS), and featuring an intro by gospel super producer, Donald Lawrence, Free was recorded live in Chicago with select songs recorded in the studio; It’s an exploration of musical sounds and styles that creatively express the heart and soul of the newly engaged heir apparent to the Clark Family Gospel legacy.  Kierra beams with humility and confidence over her new project and says, “Free features the BRL Choir from my youth organization, Bold Right Life. I’ve always wanted to do a live recording because there’s just a totally different energy that I get from it; Plus, I’m  a worshipper, but I was never given the chance to really worship through the songs on my previous projects.  I would always sing other peoples songs, but on this CD, you’ll hear my praise and worship songs as well as other great sounds.  And they’re all easy, fun songs to learn.  They’ll make you praise God and jump around, skip around and do a cartwheel!”
Free is “churchy” enough to reach the never-miss-a-Sunday saints and has just the right amount of current musical styles to touch the sometime church goer and the person who’s never set foot inside a sanctuary.
The 1st single “Mighty” is an upbeat high praise worship song which has been creating a buzz at radio, spelling out another hit for the up and coming singer/songwriter.  Kierra says, “Mighty” was originally a studio track.  But when you hear the way we did it,  it has a more throw-your-hands-up kind of vibe…like let’s rock, let’s go!”
Other songs that have extra special meaning to me include the mid-tempo and praise-team-ready, “You Are,” which was inspired by Jonathan Nelson and Donnie McClurkin.  Then there’s “Free,” which is very personal because it comes from a place where my mind was just going crazy.  I would think thoughts that I never had before…talk about the mind being a battle field!  But thank God I was prayerful.  If you’re not careful, the enemy will use your mind as a vehicle to your heart.  If you’re not freeing your mind, it really makes it hard to accomplish goals or be in the will of God or live a life that is stress free.”
Kierra digs down into her soul to minister songs that deliver and heal on Free.  From inspiring praise ballads such as the Chris Tomlin re-make “Indescribable” and the tearful “Desire”; to the rock tinged “War” and swagged out “People” featuring S.O.M.; To the fired up “Victory,” featuring James Fortune and hip hop inspired “Believers Evolved” to “Back 2 earth,” this outstanding CD has something every soul can benefit from, whether they are at a block party, in church, at the club or in their car.
Kierra says, “I let my Grammy Award winning mom and my dad, the businessman and Bishop of our church, with a Masters in Mathematics listen to it.  They appreciate the sound that God has given me and my brother, and are like, ‘I can see their growth and I can listen to these types of songs.’
My hope for this CD is that it rebrands me as an artist, that it shows my growth and maturity and that people are not just associating me with ‘Oh that’s little Kiki,’ or that’s little Kierra, and they’re not seeing me out here just because mommy pushed me to do something, but that she’s poured into me and she’s instilled ministry into me.
Both of my parents have really taught me what it means to be a disciple, which is to do ministry and spread the Gospel and to meet the needs of the people.  I want people to see from this record that I’m a servant of the kingdom, and I want it to bless and change lives.”
Free is set to create a new standard in Gospel for the Clark Family royal princess Kierra Sheard, and sets the pace for the rest to follow.
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