Jeff Carnie and Spectrum – Come Down

Jeff Carnie and Spectrum:

jeffCarneyMusic is such an intricate part of Jeff’s life, that life without it is unimaginable. Jeff pinned the lyrics to his first Christmas song, “There Was a Boy” at the age of twelve. He was much too young to understand that God was anointing him with what would later become his calling.
As Jeff matured spiritually, he began to acknowledge and appreciate the gift of music. However, he was not yet clear on how God wanted to use him for His glory. But what he did know for sure is that with this gift came great responsibility. So he decided to wait, not always patiently, for the Lord to reveal His plan. During this waiting period he experienced many blessings. His music ministry group, the Carnies have been together for over twenty years. The group has traveled throughout the United States and abroad.
Jeff currently serves as worship pastor for the 8am & 9:30am services at First Baptist Church of Elk Grove (FBC), California. He believe God is in control of all aspects of our lives. When preparation, opportunity, and passion collide, there you will find the plan God has for your life; Jeff did! FBC is located in one of the most diverse areas in California; it is God’s will that he am there. He has a great passion for diversity; however his greatest passion is God’s presence in his life.
Jeff Carnie and Spectrum is also a testament to Jeff’s appreciation and celebration of our differences. The group’s members are diverse in both age and ethnicity, thus our name, “Spectrum.” Additionally, the music performed covers many different genres.
In April of 2009 Jeff was nominated for best “Local Gospel Artist of the year” by radio station Rejoice 1240 and the Black Gospel Music Association of America. He takes no credit for any of this and gives all the glory to God Almighty!

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