Incomplete – (feat. Adia)

From our Friends at Tyscot Records, Take a listen to “Incomplete” featuring Adia from Voices of Unity & Deitrick Haddon new CD!

A sweet melodic sound improbably channeled through the heart of a beautiful young woman of God – Meet Adia. Born, Destiny Adia Andrews, in St. Louis, Missouri,she spent her formative years surrounded by the strong influences of her family, their faith, and their music. Since birth, Adia had a recording studio in her home. Her father,Chester Andrews, was an established gospel songwriter/music producer and her mother was an incredible singer, actress, and playwright. Constantly surrounded by entertainment, it was inevitable that she would follow in their footsteps. In 1995 at age 4, she sang her first solo at the “Church of the Living God Temple I.” Adia says, “I will never forget. I sang, “I Love You Lord Today.” I remember it like it was yesterday. I remember feeling anxious and nervous, but fearless. Definitely a feeling I will never be able to fully explain.”
Although Adia enjoyed singing at her church in Missouri, her family would soon re-locate to Aurora, Illinois where she would begin really honing in on her craft. She would realize that God had given her an awesome gift, not only to sing but also to write and play instruments. In 1998, shortly after her family moved to Aurora, Adia began writing and recording songs. As a child, she understood what it took to create a great song. Years of witnessing her father create and place classic gospel records definitely influenced her writing beyond words. Many felt her writing was far beyond her years, but
she had only just begun.
Her vocal ability continued to grow. Raised in the Baptist church, she spent most of her time singing in the youth choir and on the praise and worship team, but seldom singing solo. One day she was invited to visit Mount Olive Church of God In Christ in Aurora, Illinois. There she met the late brother Eldred “Buster” Robinson. Adia says, “I was introduced to him after church. He asked me to sing for him, followed by an invite to their youth rehearsal the following Saturday. Overtime Buster became my first mentor. He saw something special in me no one else had seen. He spent time after rehearsals working with me, teaching me how to control my voice, and encouraging me to be greater. Buster took me everywhere! He was the first to ever really believe in me and give me a platform to grow and I will always love him for that.”
As Adia matured, she began to sing from a softer, more genuine place in her heart, evoking pure emotion and creating an undeniable connection to her audience. This would later follow her all the way to Huntsville, Alabama. In 2006, Adia moved with her family to Alabama to care for her late Grandmother, Ada Mae Crutcher. Adia says, “Most people don’t know this but I was named after my Grandmother Adia is my middle name. My Grandmother was the only person in this world I witnessed living a bold right life, all the time! Every step she took, every word she spoke, everything she said was for the Glory of the Lord. Her soul was the epitome of everything I hope to be. For this reason, I choose to identify myself as Adia.”

Soon after her grandmother’s passing in 2008, she began performing and recording again, but this time in a gospel girl group, Limitless. They worked with local producers, Eric Ramey, Brandon Pair (Who she also spent a lot of personal time with in the studio learning how to arrange back ground vocals), and her father Chester Andrews. They entered into several local talent shows consecutively winning first place. They were traveling and rehearsing four to five times a week opening for artists such as, Crystal Aiken,Shea Norman, Nikki Ross, and many other noted independent gospel artists. Their career seemed to be promising but in June 2009, the members of the group peacefully decided to pursue their individual interests.
Since then, Adia has been aggressively pursuing her solo career. In February 2012, Adia signed a Recording Contract with an independent label, Emerged Records and in March 2012, they officially released her first song on iTunes, “One Day at a Time.” The song was dedicated to everyone who had been affected by the 2011 tornado disasters. “That was my way of giving back to my community. One hundred percent of my portion of the proceeds will be donated to United Way for tornado relief.” More recently, under the mentorship, management, and production of Fred “Blaze the Champ” Crawford, her career has swiftly been on the rise. She has multiple features on the soundtrack of Deitrick Haddon’s new movie, “A Beautiful Soul,” one also featuring gospel duo Joint Heirs. “Blaze is my brother from another mother. He has been in my life since I was seven years old and has supported me all throughout the years. My father was one of the first people to give him studio time when no one else would and when I started taking music seriously he reached out his hand and took me in. He has
been grooming me ever since. Our studio chemistry in undeniable, our professional relationship is ideal. I sometimes wonder, “What in the world would I do with out this guy!” I like to call him my Clive Davis,” says Adia. The soundtrack is expected to release on May 1, 2012.
Adia has also been working on her movement titled “I. AM. COMPLETE.” She says that, “This movement is simply about the completion of God. Educating our young people on the significance of the number seven and proving that we don’t need anything else in this world to complete us but the love of God. The voids we “feel” we have are only voids that we create, because as long as we have God, we are complete.”
LYRICS FOR “Incomplete (feat. Adia) – Voices of Unity & Deitrick Haddon”:
Have you ever heard a symphony
you feel the music racing through your veins
but imagine it without the strings
what would it be incomplete
Imagine the perfect melody
The one that sweeps you off your feet now imagine it without the beat
what would it be
that was me
Oh oh oh oh
Can you imagine life without death
Or picture right without left
sand and bones without breath
Thats all we’d be incomplete
If he never sent his son to save us
what if he never forgave us
or never loved a sinner like me all we’d be is
That was me
Oh oh oh oh
Broken down I came to you
you took my heart and made it new broke the chains that bonded me
gave me life and now I am complete
Now I am complete
that was me
that was me
Oh oh oh oh


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