IDMC – Victorious (UK Gospel)

View Our Friends from the UK Gospel Choir – IDMC at their debut LIVE dvd recording, “Live & Phaat” Vol 1.
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IDMC (Individuals Dedicated to the Ministry of Christ) was conceived in August 1993 by its founder and director John Fisher. The choir was known then as The New Testament Church Of God Inter District Mass Choir, what a mouth full, so we shortened it to Inter District Mass Choir. The vision was to bring together various churches from the New Testament churches (NTCG) to start recording songs written by their own people, also to be a part of the continual growth of the British gospel industry here in theUK.
IDMC was launched in February 1994 with the recording of their first album called “Prove Me”. The choir’s music was soon to be heard on local and national radio stations such as Choice FM, Premier radio, BBC radio (London Leicester, Derby and Nottingham) to name a few.
It was well received. Various newspaper and magazine reviews hailed the album as a great success. The group started to perform at various concerts, services, festivals and also various TV appearances. In the years that followed the group went through many changes in style, name, look and sound.
The membership changed from a 70 strong choir to a core of 30 members. Due to the change in membership and the intake of members from other church organizations such as Seventh Day Adventist, Church Of God Of Prophecy and Ruach Ministries, the group’s name changed to the Inter Denominational Music Choral.
In June 1997, IDMC followed their first recording with a 3 track single call”Only You” produced by RnB producer Trea. The single won critical acclaim from both the gospel and secular industry for its innovation in the contemporary gospel choir sound.
The release of the single was followed by a comprehensive promotional campaign, which launched the choir further into the public domain. Between late 1998 to 2001 the group took some time out as John continued his own career as a producer and musician.
But John got a new lease of life and a fresh vision for the group at the beginning of 2001. The group went through a complete overhaul in style, membership and sound. The new look wasn’t complete until the group changed it’s name for the last time, thanks to one of the groups former members and still good friend and prayer partner Janice Whyne.
IDMC became “Individuals Dedicated to the Ministry of Christ”. The 24-piece gospel soul group including band was reborn and broke back on the British gospel scene with a massive bang with the radio hit single “LIFT YOUR HEAD UP”. The group was re-launched on Wednesday 1st August 2001 at the newly opened Stratford Circus, in fact IDMC was the first gospel act to perform in the venue!!!!!
November 2001 saw the release of their long awaited new album, “TAKE IT TO THE STREETS”, which was a land mark album, in that its sound wasn’t that of a traditional choir but was the sound of the new generation of artist coming out of Great Britain.
2002 saw the group embark on their own UK tour taking in venues in key cities, London, Manchester, Sheffield, Bristol and 20 other venues, receiving a great response everywhere they went.The invitations were now coming from venues in Europe and for the first time John took his team of dedicated singers and musicians abroad to Europe to embark on their international career.
2003 saw the group continue to raise it’s own profile, doing concerts for church, and secular organisations. In 2003 there were two major coups for the group. The first was IDMC’s 2nd live recording held at the Ealing Christian Centre London. This night was another ground-breaking event, where the Jofish Muzik production team pulled together a truly spectacular night, a fantastic stage set and light show which left the audience gasping, a massive dance team comprising of street, sign and worship dancers, a 14 piece, orchestra and a 14 piece vocal unit, together they created the biggest event of 2003, and this is what you are experiencing today.
The second, was the invitation to be the guest artist at Luciano Pavarotti’s Wedding in Italy in December. These two events have set IDMC up to storm into 2004 with a mandate to bless and inspire everyone who comes into contact with them. IDMC perform in song and share encouraging words of wisdom through poetry or life experiences.

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