Gospel Invasion Group – Hosanna (Iceland)

Gospel Invasion Group:
We have many Gospel artists that we love and adore, but when we listen to their music we only listen to the traditional Gospel music. Today I would like to introduce you to one of the most talented, Inspirational, electrifying Christian Rock Bands known as ‘GiG.” GIG brings an energetic message of praise, passion and love of gospel music through pop and rock music. GIG has released a total of four CD’s, which includes a feature song in the movie “Brim.”
GIG’s latest CD entitled “The Next GIG” is the very first CD that contains original content written by the band and also includes segments from “live” in concert. One thing is for sure “GIG is one Gospel band that you will want to see their electrifying performance will leave you in a state of amazement, continuous praise, and will leave you with a new perspective of Gospel music for all time.
GIG play ́s powerful pop / rock music which sometime is referred to as “Christian rock” or “modern worship”
Here’s a list of their recent releases:
“The Next Gig”
2009 CD & DVD
“Break Free”
2008 CD & DVD
2007 CD
“GIG Live”
2005 CD
GIG has worked together since 2002. GIG consists of a total of seven musicians. Band members are Gudni Gunnarsson – drums, Jakob Hafthor Bjornsson – bass, Ivar Halldors- son – keyboards & vocals, Emil Hreidar Bjorns- son – guitar & vocals, Daney Haraldsdóttir
– lead singer, Arnrun Sveina Kevinsdóttir and Hanna Hallgrimsdóttir – vocals.
The band has released four CD ́s and 2 DVD ́s. The band’s latest cd and dvd “The Next GIG” is the first cd that has their own song writing.
Movie: Last year there came out a movie which featured one of gig ́s song.
GIG has played with the best!
The band has three times gone to the United States and held concerts in various places as well as having done concerts in all major venues in Iceland. In addition, the band organized numerous concerts in the church Krossinn and have teamed up with the best in the country, singers Jónsi ,Pall Rosinkranz, Birgitta Haukdal, Regina Osk, Thora Gisla, KK and many more.
Last year the band performed with Sarah Kelly from the USA who has twice been nominated for Grammy awards as well as having composed music for Kelly Clarkson, American Idol and played with musicians such as Slash and members of foo Foofighters. Sara Kelly came back to the country one year later and requested that the band would do her music on that concert.

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