Dynamic Twins – He's All I Need (90's Classic)

Dynamic Twins digital re-releases from the Frontline Records Vault
Frontline Records, a subsidiary label of Meis Music Group, in collaboration with Gene L. Andrusco, is making these Broken Records/Brainstorm Artists Int’l albums available digitally.
These haven’t seen the light of day since the 1990’s.

Dynamic Twins:

dIIDynamic Twins were a Bronx-born Christian rap group composed of identical twins Noel and Robbie Arthurton. The group’s first album Word 2 the Wize released in 1991 through Broken/Brainstorm Artists International and was distributed to mainstream record stores through Epic Records. S.F.C.’s Chris Cooper helped with production chores and fellow S.F.C.’er. DJ Dove added scratching.
The twins second album No Room 2 Breathe garnered praise from True Tunes magazine as a “landmark in the Christian rap industry” for basing itself musically around live instruments instead of programmed samples and beats.
The third album on B.A.I. was 40 Days in the Wilderness. As with all Dynamic Twins releases, it features many guest appearances, including Ayeesha, who was introduced into the scene on this album. Grapetree Records signed Ayeesha as their first female rapper.
The group received 3 Dove Award nominations for their music and has appeared with many well-known Gospel artists. In 2005, Dynamic Twins appeared on a compilation album Holy Hip Hop: Taking the Gospel to the Streets that was nominated for a Best Rock Gospel Album Grammy Award. The twins have also produced albums including one for the first Chinese-American bilingual rap artist, Only Won.
All are available on iTunes, Amazon MP3 and at Frontline $5.99.
Hear interview with Dynamic Twins on Frontline Rewind Episode 20 at


Personal Testimony::
From the owner of Gospel Innovation®

‘The Dynamic Twins will forever be part of a 90’s timeframe that begin to push Gospel Rap to a new place’.
1991 was the year I gave my life to Christ. I was not raised in the church, so I was just your everyday ‘sinner’ who knew there was a ‘man upstairs’, but had no idea of how to know Him.  Praise God He was drawing me to Himself and I was born again in the fall of 1991 at the church I still attend some 23+years later: “Faith Ministries Center Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan; here in the U.S.
I was barely 19 years old at the time. Yet, I was ‘coming OUT’ of the WORLD and into the family of God.  One of the areas that God began dealing with me on is in the area of MUSIC:  Musically speaking, I came out of a ‘New Jack Swing’ era of ‘Bell Biv DeVoe, Guy, SWV, Jodeci, Boys II Men, Heavy D, Public Enemy, 3rd Bass, Digital Underground, Black Sheep, EPMD and the list goes on and on!  I had every tape of everyone out and listened to them regularly, but continued to feel like it was effecting what was going on with my new faith in Christ. How could I continue listening to music that was quickly putting me back in the mood of ‘being in the world’?  (I’m not defining this as sin for anyone who has continued to listen to secular music, I’m just explaining that as a new christian ‘that old music’ still had a certain influence on my life).
I wanted to begin to hear what Gospel Music had to offer.

Unfortunately, when I went to hear the latest Gospel Music that was out… I begin saying ‘There is no way I’m listening to this’. The music even sounded like it was 10 years out of date. The gospel rap section was even worse, it sounded like most rappers were just learning how to rap or it was just a place rappers went because it was obvious they couldn’t make it in the world.  Then I saw one cassette tape (before CD’s), one group that I did give a try and forever will remember the impact it had on me.  The ‘DYNAMIC TWINS’ – ‘Word 2 The Wize’.  I LOVED IT!! Listened to it LOUD in my smooth red car with the tinted windows and boomin’ system as it continued to remind me the message of God’s Word and the boldness I should have about who I am in HIM.
For me, ‘Word 2 The Wize’ – the 1991 release was a huge CD for Gospel Rap at that time. As I said, I was used to worldly music in so many ways, so I could easily weed out the ‘One hit wonders’ before they were here and gone. I knew when people were just trying to fit in with the rest (SELL OUTS!) just so they could have a piece of the pie and I could tell the real game changers that were just at the beginning of a long career in the industry.  So when I heard the Dynamic Twins, I sensed they were commanding respect not only from the ‘church’ but also from the ‘world… and at the same time, didn’t care what the “WORLD” thought of them because their message was meant to pull as many ‘OUT of the world’ as they can. That connected with me so quickly to hear brothers in Christ “unashamed, BOLD, knowledgeable and proud about reaching the lost. It was an identity that I quickly took hold of as I also was having that same message poured into me by my pastor each week at church. So the Dynamic Twins impression on me was major and  I was rooting for them to make more hits to come (We all know now THEY DID).
Here I am 23+years later, owner of Gospel Innovation and intent on connecting Gospel Music Globally throughout numerous countries. I feel that the Dynamic Twins (along with many others in that time, that we will soon feature) should be recognized so that their music can be passed on to every upcoming generation.
 -Tony Rositas

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