Deborah – Not On My Own (UK Gospel)

Take a listen to Deborah!! “Not On My Own”, from LONDON!!! Her music is getting serious buzz and you will want to hear upcoming CD!!

-Music Label: Zoe Records UK
Deborah is a gospel singer situated in the City of London. She is the owner of an undoubtedly unique voice; this powerful voice contains the ability to capture many hearts. Her vocals have been used on many artists’ projects, such as Guvna B’s debut album “The Narrow Road” Triple O and JayEss’ hit single “intoxicated”.
Her journey initially began when she sung alongside the MOBO award winning Gospel rap group ‘G-force’. This was a major stepping stone for her in the music industry. “From the heart” is the highly anticipated EP from Deborah released under Zoe Records.
Teaming up with UK Gospel Singer/songwriter J Williams has already formed higher expectations and intense eagerness for the result of the project.
Rest assured this 5 track EP will deliver messages on humbleness and honesty to the listeners. “Your Will” and “Not on my own” are both lyrically centred on how God should have total control in our lives, whereas “Where you at” is a track with a slower tempo, this song will speak to many about their relationship with God.
“Sovereign King” is the 1st single release of
Deborah’s Debut EP titled “From the Heart” which contains a catchy chorus and southern influenced production. “From the Heart” EP does not only portray an outburst of emotion but it is highly relatable. This is a well thought out project, not only production wise but lyrically also. Deborah is definitely an artist you should look out for!

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