DASZION (day-jan) – Soar

DOrigin: George Town, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
DASZION (pronounced Dayjon) is a duo made up of 12 year old Jayden and 17 year old Toney-Ann. Daszion means sons and daughters of Zion, children of God or chosen vessels.
The group consists of 18 year old Tianne (Toney-Ann Foster) and 12 year old YpJ (Jayden McKenzie. Toney-Ann is a well known local vocalist who volunteers her voice to many noble causes and performs at weddings, churches and social functions in the Cayman Islands. She is presently attending the University College of the Cayman Islands where she is pursuing a first degree in Social Work. Jayden is well known locally as a child preacher and has appeared regularly on local television sharing his faith in Christ. He is also an international speaker and is a Grade 8 high school in the Cayman Islands.
The group was formed by Kurt McKenzie who first saw Toney Ann perform at 15 at a Friday night youth meeting at Power of Faith Ministry where Jayden also performed. Tianne sang Kurt Carr’s “I almost let go” while Jayden 9 year old at the time sang the children favorite “You can’t go to heaven in a rocking chair”. As two young persons who God has been using mightily Daszion was born with the hope to exalt the name of Jesus and use music as a vehicle with the Spirits help to communicate the riches of God’s grace towards us
The opening album track Brand new life sums up the direction of the group as they hope to show teens that a relationship with Christ is based on a transformative power of the Gospel and the powerful workings of the Holy Spirit. The song asserts that regardless of what you have done or gone through Jesus Christ guarantees a brand new life.
In their track “Love” Toney sings over a very infectious groove “What’s the formula for love “while Jayden ministers from 1 Corinthian 13 that that “Love is patient and Love is kind” concluding that Jesus Christ is Love. In the track “Show me Your Glory” Jayden talks about being like Moses who wanted a deeper revelation of God and asked him to see His Glory while Toney makes a heartfelt cry that she needs to know and experience more of God’s presence. In “You” Jayden exclaims his devotion to God by boldly declaring “Lord I wrote this song for You”.  In “Praise Him”, Toney-Ann sings over an uptempo old school 80’s rap beat that Jericho is coming down and the walls that hold us back like Jericho will fall down. In “My Praise” Jayden increases his verbal assault on the kingdom of darkness by telling the enemy 1) I’m not going back to Egypt 2) I’m not going to die in the wilderness and 3) You ain’t gonna get my praise, while Toney declares that her praise is a door opener.
Daszion is a noteworthy response by the community of youth Christians who are bombarded everyday by negative role models, stereotypes and secularism. Daszion hopes to provide an alternative listening choice for young people and hope to engage and challenge pop culture as the Lord directs to dismantling the strongholds of the enemy over our young people.  Jayden at 12 years is a christian radio and television minister who preaches a Christ-centered Gospel. His most popular sermon on YouTube (approximately 200,000 views) is entitled “The Religion of Cain”.


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