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Listen to the anointed music of Shekinah Glory Ministries!! World Renowned Choir!!! Take a look at the new video from their recent release “CHAMPION”!! From the new CD “Surrender”, Shekinah Glory Ministries continues to get in God’s Presence for this amazing CD!!!

Shekinah Glory Ministries:

A dozen years in, the platinum selling, Chicago-based ensemble known as Shekinah Glory Ministry (SGM) continues to dominate and set the standard for urban praise and worship music. They’ve made chants such as “Praise is What I Do”, “Yes” and “Jesus” universally known tunes that choirs around the globe sing every Sunday morning. With five RIAA gold and platinum record and video certifications behind them, this coterie of psalmists, minstrels and banner-wavers are poised to strike gold again with their fifth original CD, Surrender (Kingdom Records), a live recording emerging in stores everywhere on September 25, 2012.

Recorded this past April at its home church, Valley Kingdom Ministry International (VKMI) near Chicago, SGM delivered a set of twelve, soul-stirring original songs that kept the capacity audience on its feet throughout the evening with its collective hands outstretched towards the heavens in praise. The collection opened with the acoustic guitar strum and jazzy horn whistles of the mid-tempo tune “Worthy” that is sung as an ensemble and set the atmosphere for a night of music that doesn’t entertain as much as it prompts the listener to join in and sing along and celebrate the greatness of God.
SGM’s worship leader, Phil Tarver, led the rock-edged “Open Up the Heavens”, a plea for God to “release your glory” on the driving track that had the congregation rocking from side to side and clapping with him. Soprano Monique Miller blew a love kiss and professed her love for the Almighty on the mid-tempo `70s R&B groove of “You God.” Tarver’s rugged voice nicely contrasts with Brandon Alsberry’s tenor on the cascading jam, “Without You,” a nod to Bruce Hornsby that builds into a rousing anthem with the ensemble delivering the infectious catch phrase, “whooooa ooooh ooooh ooooh.”
The pulpit then transformed into a disco ballroom on the heart-pumping “Come On” that served as a dare to the audience to jump to its feet and blend with the rhythm. Alsberry’s warm voice floated over the track until Joan Olander slid in on the vamp with her Chaka Khan wail and raised the praise to another level. Apostle H. Daniel Wilson, who founded VKMI and created SGM, opened “By Faith” with a spirited exhortation about faith before Olander returned to strut her way through the bass rhythm that Tarver closed by encouraging the congregation to literally “take your faith walk” into the aisles.
Danielle Nightingale Cargo’s soft alto breezed over the radio single, “Champion,” a charming track that speaks of God as a victorious winner in every sense of the word. Cargo also presided over the ballad, “Your Glory,” that began with a dulcet Spanish guitar cadence before it morphed into a rock opera call and response between Cargo and the ensemble. Veteran vocalist Kim Stratton’s maple-syrup alto theatrically brought the show-stopping song of repentance, “Broken,” to life as the audience erupted in empathetic applause.
A bittersweet moment is the modern day hymn, “Peace for My World.” It opens as a choral meditation with the ensemble angelically singing the initial verses. “Where the Prince of Peace is not, peace cannot abide,” longtime SGM member, Pepe Epting said as an intro to the ballad that he sang with an old school soul singer’s croon, rolling vowels and curdling sweet high notes. Sadly, the 44-year-old Epting was suffering from renal failure and died unexpectedly on June 5th. “Heaven regained one of God’s greatest singers,” Tarver wrote in a Facebook posting. “You persevered, you labored, you fought, but most of all you worshipped through it all. Your golden voice, your smile and your sense of humor will be greatly missed. Don’t forget to tell your stories before you lead your song in Heaven Pep. I know they will be as blessed as we were. See you in the morning.”
The closing tune, “Surrender”, summed up the evening’s theme. Phil Tarver, with a heartfelt plea, prayed openly for God to break his spirit and give him a contrite heart prior to launching into the majestic declaration: “Lord, break me again until the tears pour out,” he whispered into his microphone. “Tonight the Lord says don’t throw in the white towel but wave the white flag,” he challenged the congregation as he implored it to look up and, “tell Him [God] I surrender to your purpose, to your plan, to your way.”
This wondrous journey all started when Apostle H. Daniel Wilson went away on a 40 day sabbatical in 1999. While in prayer, he says that God gave him the vision to launch a unique praise and worship team. The Lord told him to call it Shekinah Glory Ministry “ which means “the glorified presence of God” in Hebrew. When Apostle Wilson returned to VKMI, he preached on themes of praise and worship for an entire year. Wilson gave his then-minister of music, Rose Harper, the charge to pull the praise and worship team together. After SGM was assembled and put in place as the official praise and worship team for VKMI, their recording career was born.
Shekinah Glory Ministry’s 2001 breakthrough smash, “Praise is What I Do” laid the foundation and gave the organization its first gold record. Their CDs Praise Is What I Do (#5 peak Billboard Top Gospel Albums) and Shekinah Glory Ministry Live (#3 peak Billboard Top Gospel Albums – 103 weeks on the chart) were both certified gold in 2005 and 2008 respectively. They also have three gold or platinum DVDs to their credit and their 2010 CD, Refreshed By Fire, debuted at #1 on Billboard’s Top Gospel Albums chart and spawned the radio smash, “Just For Me”.
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Live RIAA Gold Album 07/29/08 certified
Praise Is What I Do RIAA Gold Album 11/18/05 certified
Jesus RIAA Gold Longform Video 07/13/09 certified
Live RIAA Gold Longform Video 09/17/08 certified
Live RIAA Platinum Longform Video 09/17/08 certified
Champion Billboard Hot Gospel Songs N/A
Just For Me Billboard Hot Gospel Songs #16 (2010)
Jesus Billboard Hot Gospel Songs #5 (2008)
Yes Billboard Hot Gospel Songs #21 (2005)
Praise Is What I Do Gospel Playlist #1 (2002)
Surrender N/A N/A
Refreshed By Fire Billboard Top Gospel Albums #1 (2010)
Best of Shekinah Glory Billboard Top Gospel Albums #6 (2009)
Jesus Billboard Top Gospel Albums #1 (2007)
Live Billboard Top Gospel Albums #3 (2005)
Praise Is What I Do Billboard Top Gospel Albums #5 (2002)*
Refreshed By Fire Contemporary Choir of the Year (2012) – Win
Jesus Praise and Worship CD of the Year (2009) – Win Jesus Choir of the Year (2009) – Nominated SGM Live Choir of the Year (2006)- Nominated
* = spent 67 weeks on corresponding Billboard chart.

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