Beverley Trotman – You Are My Life

Beverley Trotman has been nominated for a MOBO AWARD!!! (For Best Gospel)  These are the biggest urban music awards outside the USA!!   Congrats Beverley!!
Beverley Trotman:
This year the ‘American Idol’ judge, Simon Cowell, left the show in order to bring his UK show ‘Xfactor’ to the USA; XFactor has aired in the UK for 5 years, and back in 2007, a talented gospel singing school-teacher from England named BEVERLEY TROTMAN entered The UK’s XFactor to test her vocal ability and inspire her school children. Reaching the live show finals Beverley wowed the hearts of the UK public, touching the nation wih her gospel-inspired voice. Since then, she has starred in a national production of FAME (playing the part of the school-teacher, Ms Sherman, who encourages her pupils to achieve academically!); performed at Oraclez (Europe’s largest Gospel event at London’s Wembley Arena); toured on main-land Europe; sung at London’s prestigious Royal Albert Hall with the 100 strong ‘All Souls Orchestra’ (for Prom Praise – DVD release September 2010); and released her debut album (Voice of Hope).
VOICE OF HOPE!! – Released on the ‘Integrity-Europe label, Beverley’s debut album, ‘Voice of Hope’, is a blend of worship and gospel praise, plotting a course of faith, through all of life’s challenges; in this area of her ministry, Beverley lives out this message wholeheartedly; “Gospel /Praise & Worship is who I am! This is a worship album……you can put the music on, be on your own and reflect on how wonderful God is and how he comforts us. I suppose it could be tagged as contemporary praise & worship, typified by the song ‘My Life’ (co-written with Ian Green), a simple, and honest song, relating to God and my family. Mark Beswick has written me a beautiful tune, ‘Your love completes me’ and there are covers such as ‘Voice of Hope’, and ‘Heaven Help Us All’ by Stevie Wonder; that song just makes us think about where we are as a society and what’s happening right now in our world”
Beverley’s successful reflective original album ‘Voice of Hope’ now has a new cousin, ‘Voice Of hope – The Special Remix Edition’. Along with the original album, an eclectic mix of styles have been added to compliment the original songs, providing a sound for everyone. From neo-soul to drum’n’bass, simple praise/worship hymns, piano-jazz and UK house/garage. All new for those who like their tunes in different flavours!……….enabling Beverley to perform these tunes everywhere, from peaceful worship services, to Funky Urban Gospel Festivals!
Married for 17 years, this humble teacher from England possesses the natural warmth to straddle all various types of audiences, whilst still maintaining her honest/simple style of delivering a message within her songs; from dynamic urban garage tunes to fresh new reflective worship songs, Beverley has worked with such integrity to use her profile within UK gospel industry to deliver a message of hope to young, old, churched and non-churched!
Her Story
Constantly pestered by the children (of class 6T) to audition for The X Factor, Beverley’s response was always the same: “I don’t want to be humiliated on national TV – I’ve got sense!”; but in 2006, Beverley’s life was hit by a double blow. “On Mother’s Day, my grandmother passed away. Then after trying to get to know my natural father, he died that same June. It was really tough.” However in the wake of grief, a new confidence emerged. “I thought, ‘If I did enter this thing now, what could really happen to me?……….nothing except a little dented pride;’ I’d lost the fear.”
On the show, Beverley spoke passionately of her pupils and her goal to be a positive role model for the children she knew. Though she didn’t win, (surviving through 6 of the live television finals and finally coming a controversial 6th place) Beverley’s recognition as a superb vocalist with a warm heart set her apart, and on a new path, continuing to teach while also performing to much broader audiences. Singing and teaching for her have been irrevocably linked since the show. “I like to pull them together. Being on television and then being able to go back to that school and see the children is such a blessing to me, because to them I haven’t become unreachable, and they can say, ‘Look What Mrs. Trotman Done!’………that means a lot to me.
Beverley’s own story is a lesson in hope. Left with her grandparents as a baby, and raised alongside their ten other children, she never knew her natural mother, who died just five years later. Despite this tough beginning, Beverley dismisses suggestions that her childhood was difficult. “I knew nothing else!.” Those were the cards dealt – as far as I was concerned, that was normal life.” Brought up in a Christian household, church proved a valuable training ground for Beverley’s voice. Beverley went on to run gospel choirs in the local community and also joined the UK’s award winning ‘Kingdom Choir’. Qualifying as a teacher, Beverley also led youth singing groups and helped run school productions, and as her passion for music grew, so did her love for the children she taught. In a society of broken families and teenage violence, Beverley urged her pupils to avoid the negative aspects of youth culture highlighted in the media. “Every teacher likes to bring life experience into the classroom,” she says, “That’s what inspires children. I can say that I’ve come from a situation where I’ve had no parents, but I’ve still been able to make different, positive choices. That’s what it’s about: I want to show young people that they can make different positive choices.
Beverley performs at Oraclez 2010 (Wembley Arena)
BeBe & CeCe Winans and Fred Hammond led a fantastic line up of artist at Oraclez II 2010; As support, Beverley took her band and represented! staying true to who she is and presenting a praise/worship set, UK style!
“We’re were very pleased to be able to feature some of the biggest stars in gospel alongside a selection of homegrown acts such as Beverly Trotman.
Pure Genius Entertainment (event organiser)

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