Ashmont Hill – Show My Love

Ashmont Hill:

Ashmont Hill is an idyllic community in Boston from which a large, loving family was birthed into musical tradition. The Thompson family has made beautiful, spiritual music for years in Jubilee church – the church in which their father is Bishop. Phil Thompson, Sisters April Joy Thompson and Deborah Bullock, along with Deborah’s husband, Wil Bullock heard the call from The Lord to bring their music to a larger community, and have set out, as in Psalm 69:30 to “…praise God’s name in song and glorify him with thanksgiving.”
The song, in which they give praise, is pop worship music with a warmth and sincerity that envelops the listener. That sincerity flows into the music through the individual group members, their belief systems strengthened by solid, supportive family connections, college educations and the making of their own individual decisions when it came to their relationships with the Lord. The impetus behind their recordings is to enable the listener to cast away their cares and experience the real joy they have found through those relationships.
The group’s new self titled album, has an equal amount of vertical (direct to God) and horizontal (meant to inspire the people) songs and was crafted as a true collaborative effort between the band and their producer. “We found our producer on MySpace,” comments April with a lilting laugh. To explain, she continues “We were looking for a producer who could help us create a sound… someone with versatility. Sal Oliveri, was the man we decided we wanted to work with. We felt he could make what we had started even better.” Oliveri and Calvin Nowell (who worked on the group’s vocal arrangements) worked closely with the members of Ashmont Hill to create an inspired and inspirational album.
The group re-made 2 Matt Redman songs “Gifted Response” and “Blessed Be Your Name” for the record. Two tracks “I Give You Worship” and “Song of Glory” were written for Ashmont Hill by Calvin Nowell and one, “You Proved Your Love”, was written by Oliveri. Group member Phil Thompson wrote the bulk of the album. Phil’s material emanates from the great love he has for music and for the Word. Spreading all that love is of the utmost importance to each member.
The Ashmont Hill CD will be released to the CCM market on Axiom Records in May of 2008 and will feature the track “You Proved Your Love.” Proving their love for family, music and the Lord is the way of Ashmont Hill – a love they intend to spread as far as their harmonious voices can be heard.

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