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Alma Rivera:

Alma was born in Mexico City, Mexico where she accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior at the age of 11. Her was impacted and inspired by missionaries, Sunday school teachers and musicians of the Church.
She began to sing at the tender age of 2, however, she truly began to develop her God given talent when she began, together with her younger sisters, serve as a background singer for her mother. Nonetheless, at that age, she had not completely understood the calling that she had. This revelation came at the age of 16 while reading Isaiah 61. With this insight from God, by faith she started to prepare herself to enter the Biblical Institute of World Ministries located in Morelia Mexico.
During the two years that she attended the school, she learned about different ministries which included all that could be referred to as service: this included, cleaning, church construction, preaching and leading worship. While in the last year of her studies she had the opportunity to put her knowledge into effect at “Canzion Producciones” located in Durango, Mexico. It was there that the Lord spoke to her heart though Marcos Witt (Latin Grammy Winner) who made it known to her that the next place where she was to prepare for worship was in Durango.
Consequently in 1996, she entered CCDMAC (Instituto CANZION) in Durango and started to travel and do a variety of concerts in the Mexican Republic. Her life was transformed even more at the Instituto where God utilized various means to prepare her not only as a singer/musician, but also as a worship leader. Alma always remembered what Marcos Witt used to say: “It all is part of one’s formation”. Moreover, while there, she collaborated with the staff at the worship at a number of worship leader conventions in Mexico City with Marcos Witt (Latin Grammy winner) She was placed in charge of press releases and in the assisting of such speakers as: Marcos Barrientos, Luis Enrique Espinoza, Chuy Olivares, Ron Kenolly, Krystal Lewis, Marcos Vidal, plus many others.
Upon completing here studies at the Instituto CANZION, she began to travel and minster in different locations. These included, Canada, U.S.A, Argentina, Puerto Rico as well has her native Mexico, where she led and formed praise and worship groups. In 2002 she was invited to collaborate with “Ministerios Vision Internacional” in Queretaro and Reynosa. This was to lead and direct the worship groups both at the local churches and in the “Congresos Internacionales en Su Prescencia” in Mexico. When in Reynosa she realized the need for praise and worship for this troubled city. Following her heart she opened a Christian music school which was named CEDEM. The mission of the school was not only to develop musicians in excellence, but to but to prepare worshippers that could manifest the goodness of God in peoples lives.
In addition, Alma has shared the stage with such ministries as Tomme Tenney, Sammy Hinn, Danilo Montero, Anette Moreno, Heri Hernandez and Doris Machin, Erick Lopez.
In September 2007 she was married to a wonderful man, Richard M Rivera, also serves has her manager. They currently live in Long Island N.Y. where the Lord continues to open doors and bless them continuously. God has placed both of them in one of the biggest churches in Long Island: “Upper Room Christian World Center” located in Dix Hills, N.Y. At the church she has lead in praise and worship services in both English and in Spanish. She has also performed contemporary Latin themed Christian music to the delight of the churches bilingual audience.
Alma has also had on opportunity to sing in Times Square New York, on a stage that was located in front of MTV; she has also been invited to be an opening singer for Jaci Velazquez in New York and to sing on TBN on the Dino and Cheryl Kartsonakis TV program.
Presently Alma & Richard are working on their plans for the next tour throughout the U.S & Latin America.
Alma & Richard have it in her heart to inspire others to know that God is good and that He wants everyone to exceed abundantly in every area of their lives.
Alma and Richard can be contacted at (516) 620-7463 x700.
(Spanish Version )
Alma Nacio un 24 de Agosto en la Ciudad de Mexico , conocio a Jesus como su Salvador a la edad de 11 anios su vida fue impactada e inspirada por medio de los misioneros,maestros de escuela dominical, musicos de la Iglesia de el Pacto de la Ciudad de Mexico.
Empezo a cantar desde muy temprana edad desde los 4 anios , pero cuando empezo a desarrollar mas el don que Dios le dio fue haciendo coros a su Mama junto con sus dos hermanas menores.
Alma a esa edad no habia entendido el llamado que tenia, sino a la edad de 20 anios recibe una palabra del Senor en Isaias 61 y decide prepararse e ingresa al Instituto Biblico de Misiones Mundiales en Morelia ,Mexico. Durante dos anios internada y aprendiendo en diferentes practicas ministeriales en las cuales incluia todo lo que se refiere al Servicio, limpiaba, construia Iglesias, Dirigia alabanza, Predicaba.,
Al ultimo anio de terminar su estudios tiene la oportunidad de hacer su Ministerio Practico en Canzion Producciones Durango, Mex.
Ahi fue cuando Dios le habla directo y por medio de Marcos Witt le hace saber que el siguiente lugar para prepararse en la adoracion , no solo en la musica, era Durango en el anio 1996.
Y es cuando ingresa a CCDMAC ( Instituto Canzion) en el ano 1996 , estando en Durango comienza a participar en diferentes viajes y conciertos enla Rep. Mexicana
Su vida fue transformada aun mas en Instituto Canzion donde Dios uso todos los medios para prepararla no solo como cantante/musico, sino como Adorador.
Siempre Alma recuerda la frase que Marcos Witt decia: “Todo es parte de la formacion”
Estando en Instituto Canzion, colabora con el staff de Canzion Producciones en los Congresos de adoradores con Marcos Witt en la C.d de Mexico, encangarda de ruedas de prensa y asistencia a los oradores invitados como: Marco Barrientos, Luis Enrique Espinoza,Danilo Montero, David Greco,Miguel Cassina, Chuy Olivares, Ron Kenolly,Krystal Lewis, Marcos Vidal, entre otros.
Al terminar sus estudios en Instituto Canzion comienza a viajar a diferentes lugares como Mexico,Canada,USA,Puerto Rico, Argentina. Dirigiendo albanza y adoracion, se encargaba de formar gpos de albanza
En el ano 2002 recibe la invitacion para colaborar con Ministerios Vision Internacional en la c.d de Queretaro y Reynosa Mexico.para dirigir el gpo de Alabanza tanto enla iglesia local como enlos Congresos internacionales en Su Presencia en Mexico.
Viendo la necesidad que habia en Reynosa por musicos adoradores su mision se convertiria en iniciar uan escuela de adoracion llamada CEDEM con la vision de no solo preparer musicos sino adoradores.
Alma ha compartido escenarios como ministros de la talla de Tomy Tenney, Samy Hinn,Danilo Montero, Annette Moreno, Heri Hernandez, Erick Lopez,Tabernaculo de Adoracion, Doris Machin.
Ha participado en la grabación de coros para varios cantantes cristianos como Heri Hernandez, Doris Machin, Jaime Murrel, Jose Luis Rodriguez “el puma”
En el anio conoce a sus esposo Richard Rivera y en Sep del 2007 contraen nupcias.
Alma y Richard radican ahora en Long Island New York.
Teniendo solo 1 anio en NY Dios sigue abriendo puertas, pero ahora junto a sus esposo (manager) Dios les permite ministrar en lo servicion en Ingles de una de la Iglesias mas grandes de Long Island NY Upper Room Christian World Center dirigiendo la alabanza y adoracion Bilingue Espanol/Ingles.
Alma tiene la oportunidad de cantar en Espanol en Times Square NY .
Tambien es invitada para abrir Cocierto para Jaci Velazquez .
Y tambien para cantar en TBN en el Programa de TV de Dino & Cheryl Kartsonakis
Actualmente Alma and Richard se encuentran trabajando en las prox giras por E.U y Latinoamerica.
Alma tiene en su Corazon el poder inspirer a otros a Buscar la Presencia de Dios y Adorale. Y hacerle saber a las naciones.
Que tenemos un Dios bueno, Un Dios que nos ama,
Y El nos quiere bendecir abundantemente.

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