Alicia Prayze – Blows My Imagination (UK)

Alicia Prayze:
Alicia Prayze, of Jamaican descent, was born and raised in the UK.
At 18, after graduating from The Urdang Academy, where she trained in
singing, acting and various dance forms, Alicia began performing in
professional musical theatre productions such as Disney’s ”The Lion
King”. She went on to feature in commercials, on billboards and in
shows for leading brands- Unilever “Adez”, HSBC, BT, L’oreal, Trevor
Sorbie, SAKS, Wella, MTV India, VH1 India, Vodaphone, Virgin mobile,
Tesco- to name some. After 2 yrs of training in acting in the USA with 
Tish Hill, of TISCH school of the Arts (NYU), as well as modelling and 
performing in TV shows in different parts of the world, Alicia worked 
on music, writing and recording songs for Bollywood movie sound 
tracks and other artists in Mumbai, aswell as her own projects.
“God blessed me with talent, for a while I didn’t know why, but now that I do, I use it for His glory. I aim to be a positive inspiration to all. 
I give all I can when I celebrate the LORD and His goodness and mercy, and I encourage all to participate and recognise how valuable we are in His eyes. I used to think that being a Christian would be boring, but now I know that was due to my lack of knowledge of Christ and His greatness. God is One to get excited about, to sing and dance about, and to celebrate!”
Alicia is currently recording her own Gospel album, to be released in the near future.
Alicia Prayze- (Gospel artist) 
”I am a gospel singer and I want to reach out to multitudes with my ministry, especially the youth, who I feel are sometimes underestimated and under-encouraged.
I recently entered a gospel competition (like a gospel ‘x-factor’ in UK) called ‘Just Out Of This World’ and came second (so I won without the pressure! LOL). Before this however, I was already recording my own songs to prepare for release of singles and an album this year. 
My style is something that is not done in the gospel circuit often, however my aim is to cross over to the secular market
(like ‘Mary Mary’) to reach out to the lost and broken that really need to hear the Lord speak to them, save the unsaved as opposed to only encourage the people that already know the Lord.
I dance and act too, so I like my performances to include a lot of character and funky choreography (there are so many different ways of ministering to people, why should it only be done by singing?). I believe that when I minister to people, I aim to reach out to as many as I possibly can.  Some people listen to and hear lyrics – while some don’t hear them and are more drawn by the choreography and movement- also some people love the vibrance and imagery- and some hear and understand drama and dialogue better- so I like to incorporate all the elements of the arts that I can. I intend on being an inspiration to all- but to really encourage the youth and be a positive example for them.”
Alicia Prayze can be contacted for managing interests through her email address:
She has managed herself up until this point, she is open to managing requests: Feel free to reach her.

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