Janeene Lavelle – Love Lifted Me

Check out the latest single from “Janeene Lavelle”!!! Singing “Love Lifted Me”, you’ll be richly encouraged with this song!!

JANEENE LAVELLE has been added as the opening Headliner for CASTING CROWNS at the ATLANTA FEST on June 17th 2011 to an audience of 7,000!

Janeene Lavelle:
Born on July 7, 1981, Singer/ Songwriter Janeene Lavelle hails from Queens, New York. Growing up as child music was always around her stemming from her mother who was a church psalmist and her brother who was a church musician. Her bedtime ritual was not listening to bedtime stories, but listening to classical music which she loved, even as a child.  On road trips, the only music they played was Christian Contemporary. Janeene learned to play drums under the guidance of her brother at age 12. As a child singing wasn’t her forte. She found herself being more interested in drawing. Due to her mom being in charge of the children’s choir, she eventually discovered that she could sing and enjoyed singing.
Due to her parents being ministers, God was always the focal point of her family. As she grew older she found that serving God was indeed the most rewarding and the greatest life one could hope for. Her love for God developed and her personal relationship with God deepened.  Janeene found herself being thrust into the role of a pastor’s kid. This would prove to place her under a microscope at all times. Learning that God does things for a reason she began to see the bigger picture. The gifts she didn’t know she possessed began to emerge and the role of a leader took shape.
Alongside her brother she serves as worship leader which she states is the greatest honor one can have. One thing that God has placed on her heart is a ministry to mentor young people. Being youth coordinator in her church she spreads the message of love and acceptance in Jesus. Having a powerful testimony of overcoming depression and remaining a virgin is something that is dear to her heart of which she does not hesitate to speak when granted the opportunity. Janeene Lavelle’s heart for worship is the core that drives her. Her aim and goal is to be an instrument to help thrust others into a deeper relationship in God thru worship and  to present the saving Grace and Love of God to those who desperately need Him.

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