Concord Church

  • Location: Dallas, Tx. USA
  • Rev. Bryan L. Carter is the Senior Pastor at Concord Missionary Baptist Church of Dallas, TX.

Concord Missionary Baptist Church:
Concord nestled in the southern sector of Dallas, TX was established in 1975 and has a membership exceeding 5,000 members.  Rev. Carter has served as Senior Pastor since October 2003 succeeding Concord’s founding pastor, the late Dr. E. K. Bailey upon his demise.  Dr. Bailey recommended Rev. Carter one year prior in August 2002 to the church as the Assistant Pastor and his successor.
Building on a great foundation, God has continued to nurture and develop Rev. Carter’s leadership and the ministries of Concord by providing over 2,500 new members to the church in the last four years, one quarter of which are new believers. God has given Rev. Carter a vibrant vision for Concord to be a church that makes a difference.  Concord passionately strives to exemplify the core values of Scripture, Excellence, Evangelism, Discipleship, Community, Creativity, Prayer, Worship and Teamwork. The purposeful structure of Concord is to optimize its member’s spiritual growth, personal development and ministry service.