Victory Praise Dancers – Los Angeles -Suicide Prevention

Our friends ‘Victory Praise Dancers’ are one of the most innovative dance teams that glorify the Lord Jesus Christ!
Victory Praise Dancers are spreading their Anti Bullying Message/Suicide Prevention message across the city.


Victory Praise Dancers is a community based dance ministry. Their vision expands beyond the walls of the church and embraces a global approach to ministry. With a Servant’s heart, they minister with power, authority, a Holy Spirit Fire and a burden to draw souls to Christ.
. They are taught to minister before an audience of ONE, “JESUS”. They are constantly reminded, that Jesus is the center of attention, not themselves. As a result, they have developed an authentic desire to draw others to Christ, rather than seeking the limelight for themselves. Through the ministry of dance, they have learned to take the enemy by force .
They are committed to serving in excellence. Don’t look for them in a box, you won’t find them there. Presently, They are the 2013 1st Place WINNERS of the McDonald’s Gospelfest!


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