V3 Dance ft. God's Image – Tell it All (Canon)

Check out V3 Dance!!! Victory through Vision and Voice! This dance team is creating innovative dances to communicate the message of Christ love to the lost!! Dancing to ‘Tell it All’ by Canon.

V3 Dance:
We are V3 Dance, which means “Victory through Vision and Voice.” We are a new team that uses dance as a form of worship to give glory to Christ our Lord. As secular media and entertainment increasingly gains influence over our culture, so must Christians. This is why we believe that our God given talents must shine into this dark and lost world. V3 stands for Victory through Vision through Voice. We believe that we find Victory through our vision of the saving work of Jesus Christ upon the cross, and we want to be a voice proclaiming this Gospel. Just as John the Baptist was a voice calling out to the desert places, V3 exists to be a voice in this dark world, calling upon people to prepare themselves for the coming Lord. We are a team of prayer and a team without compromise. We pray that we will be a competing team someday.
“Don’t Worship dance. Worship through dance.
Worshipping through Dance.
– Holy Spirit, be in this place you have provided and cause me to move freely with your spirit.
– Jesus, may you be my foundation and let every step that I take be with you
– God, may not the music lead my dancing, but may you lead my Worship.
When the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit work together as one, dance becomes worship.” – V3 dance
established April 2012

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