The Last Mime – Peace of God

The Last MIME performs – Peace of God

The Last MIME:
lRobert Hayes is a gifted pantomime artist of 25 years who has perfected his craft through his dedication to God.  His commitment and tenacity is evident by his continued participation in different cultural arenas.
Street dancing was a favorite past time of Mr. Hayes, yet he realized he had a higher calling on his life… to praise God through the gift of Dance. After watching pantomime artists such as Marcel Marceau, Shields, and Yarnell, and others; he self -taught himself the art of mime.  Mr. Hayes mixes various forms of dance such as street, mime, and pure inspiration to create his unique art form of Pantomime.
Continuously perfecting his gift, the anointed mime trains and teaches mime workshops throughout the country.  Robert Hayes is one of the most sought after pantomime artist in the United States. He has received numerous awards and recognitions for his outstanding ministry performance. He has mimed for many special events including church services, conventions, graduation, and wedding Etc…
One you have witness the anointed spirit of Mr. Hayes your life will forever be changed.

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