Garment of Praise Mime – Seasons

Take a look at the incredible Mother/Daughter mime team “Garment of Praise Mime”!!
Miming to “Seasons” by Donald Lawrence.

Garment of Praise Mime:
We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves to you, we are “Garment of Praise Mime”.  This ministry team was founded in February 2001 by Charlene Ferguson, but inspired by the Holy Spirit. The special and unique thing about this ministry is that it’s a Mother and Daughter Team.
God spoke to Charlene and gave her instructions to begin training her daughter Cierra  Ferguson at the age of nine to prepare her for this ministry.  They are truly grateful to God for blessing them with the gift to translate song into mime.  They thank God every day for the spiritual connection they have as mother and daughter; and for the anointing on their lives to be effective in this ministry.  So many great and Godly opportunities have been placed before them.  God has graced them to travel many states, appear on BET,  and had the privilege of ministering before Yolanda Adams in a “Shekinah Glory Conference” in Jacksonville, Florida.  One of their most meaningful events was a Cancer Awareness Rally, where they ministered “I Never Lost My Praise” in Champagne, Illinois.
Their Mission consist of three parts.  Their first mission is to spread the Gospel of  Jesus Christ and draw all men to Him through the ministry of mime to the nations.  Their second mission is to be a burden lifter, an emancipator to the captives, and a yoke destroyer through the power of Jesus Christ. Their final mission is to demonstrate to families that your responsibility is not only to have a natural relationship with one another; but by having a spiritual relationship that will prompt unity, is the very foundation for family growth.  Garment of Praise Mime realizes that only what you do for God will last.

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