Speak Life – Joe Pace (Mime)

This gospel mime dance was presented by Faith Ministries Center Church:
Where they performed their Christmas concert program to “Light Of The World”.

This dance is set to the song “Speak Life” by Joe Pace and the Colorado Mass Choir.  Enjoy it Now!

  • Faith Ministries Center Church, Grand Rapids, MI.
  • Watch more of their videos at: www.faithmc.com

Gospel Mime:

We started this Mime Team about 3 years ago. We consist of 5 people that love and serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We have loved how Mime can bring such creativity and life to a song. We think it really causes the viewer to experience the story of each song we dance to.

We pray that many are blesssed, encouraged, stirred up and edified in Christ as they view our dances. Our desire is for God to be lifted up and exalted in each dance.


  1. To God be the Glory, I really enjoyed looking at you all spreading seeds in our society…

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