Reborn International – Well Done

WOW!!! Take a look at Reborn International Mime!!

Reborn International’s interpretation of “Well Done” by Deitrick Haddon. What a creative dance that really sends the message of this song!

Reborn International:
Reborn International has set a torrid place of excellence in the dance through pantomime and hip-hop. This fired up group of mostly young men have ministered both locally and internationally, teaching, encouraging, and mentoring through the dance. Founded by Dr. Terren Dames, the ministry was birth in the Bahamas but has grown and flourished from the white sandy beaches of the Caribbean all the way to the hot sands of Houston, Texas.
Reborn is a ministry that strives to provide a healthy and productive arena for youths to grow and develop their talents and skills allowing them the opportunity to become major contributors in their own community. Over the past 6 years, we have partnered with various districts throughout Texas teaching workshops, primarily in the area of mime, hip-hop dance, music, and leadership. With each session, students are trained in a discipline to develop techniques and skills necessary to excel. The focus of our classes is to channel the energy of young people into a positive direction. The culture is overwhelmed with the phenomena of hip-hop music with little or no positive leadership models. This ministry takes positive and inspirational music from contemporary artists and develops dance choreography that motivates and stimulates the mind and interest of young people, while providing them with the opportunity to lead and direct their peers teaching the basics of servant leadership.
Here at Reborn International, we believe that everyone who experiences our ministry has the potential of becoming a great leader, or thinker of tomorrow. The potential in our youths today are limitless and only need to be tapped into.
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Ph. 832-229-1050

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