Not as the World Gives (Video)

“Not as the World Gives” is a short Christian film about finding peace from our friends at ‘Eden’ in the UK .
EDEN specializes in making short films with a gospel message and promotional videos for churches and other Christian organizations.

Above you can see one of our short films, “Not as the World Gives”. This film is about peace. We can all struggle everyday with the pressures and frustrations that can make life challenging, but if we make time for Jesus then all of these wordly problems are put into a new perspective.

Enjoy it Now!

edenWe are a creative Christian film and theatre company offering drama, comedy, music and multimedia to spread the gospel. We are interactive, challenging, dynamic and exciting. To us, it’s about more than being moved, it’s about being changed.
Mission:  To spread the gospel and build the kingdom of God using high quality drama, music and comedy.
We are a Christian film and theatre company comprised of professionally trained actors and musicians and, as such, we offer high quality original Christian drama and comedy alongside musical worship and prayer ministry all incorporated into uniquely tailored workshops or presentations.
For our drama, we write and devise prayerful films, plays, sketches and physical theatre. Our comedy includes original sketches and stand up comedy all with a Christian theme.
We love to keep up to date with the latest worship and also have the classics in our repertoire so that we can cater for all ages. At every event we attend we offer prayer ministry to all participants.
More about what we do:
Combined, our team has been working at Christian festivals, conferences, churches and schools for a number of years and we can also be commissioned to create original films too.
Two of our core team, Helen and Kee, performed at Hyde Park in front of 80,000 people for Pope Benedict’s visit in 2010.
James, who heads up our worship team, has been leading worship for many years having performed at the Celebrate conference, Gen 20 and Brightlights.
All of us have extensive experience leading workshops in schools and churches, including creative faith exercises, drama games and creative prayer.

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