Mustard Seeds – "The Matrix"

“Wow!!! Get ready to view an intense, poppin’, lockin’, innovative drama dance, with a powerful message of Christ!!! The Mustard Seeds are superb!!”

The Mustard Seeds Dance/Drama Ministry Team:
Who are the Mustard Seeds?
We are a dance ministry under the church, Covenant Fellowship Church that is located on the Univ. of Illinois campus in Champaign Urbana. Our Dance ministry has a 2 fold purpose: first, we are a discipleship group that spurs one another on to love Jesus, love God’s Word and to keep one another accountable. Second, we are an evangelistic group that uses dancing and drama to reach out to non-believers as well as strengthen the faith of believers as we re-tell the story of the Gospel through drama.
We are thankful because God’s is graciously giving us opportunities to reach out to different shows and fashion shows that secular organizations hold. And like in Acts 17, because we strive for excellence and creativity, they just want us to perform regardless of the “message” in our dance! So, it’s been a burden and a great blessing to pray that God would use us to save souls for His Glory.
Mission Statement:
Mustard Seeds is a group of Christians, who love and have a passion to dance for the purpose of sharing about our Faith in Jesus. Founded in 1994 at Covenant Fellowship Church in Urbana-Champaign, we use drama and various dancing styles to communicate a message of hope to this generation. Furthermore, to give vision and training for other churches to start and maintain a dance ministry that will redeem the Arts for God’s glory!
How we got started:
Spring 1994 was a revival semester for us — half of us accepted the LORD and got baptized and the other half recommitted their lives to Jesus this semester. We all were all socially involved in various clubs on campus but for some reason that year, we just wanted to give something special to Jesus. For us at that time, it was DANCE. So, we heard that CFC was hosting a Spring Praise Night and that outside shows were welcome. We collaborated one night in the basement of ISR. We were not only brainstorming about what we were going to perform but more importantly, the name of our group. Late into the night, as we were just flipping through the Bible, someone suggested something small and unassuming — something like Mustard Seeds (Matt 17:20).
We were not very versed in the Bible so we went through the New Testament to see what a mustard seed was all about. That was the start of something very special — the Praise Night’s theme was “True Love” and we performed our first skit “Love the Lord Your God” . Small faith in an awesome God — this is the kind of God we’ve been serving for the past 13 years.
Our Vision For The Future:
As I’ve been a part of MS for 11 years, it is amazing how far we’ve come. The dancing has definitely evolved and through drama, each story has more depth and meaning. Over the years, opportunities to share our story has been growing and I find myself involved in a group that carries a special calling and task. As I now gaze into the future of MS, I find myself overwhelmed and excited. Overwhelmed because there is a great burden to share about what is so real to us, namely, our faith in Jesus Christ. As well, my heart often wants to explode because I dream and imagine the impact MS can have to this generation. We are given often one chance to share the one story that makes us alive! For me, the future of MS has no boundaries because what GOD can do through MS has no borders or limits. People are being inspired and touched all around the country and in the world in places like the Philippines, Malaysia, Romania, Japan, Korea, Mexico, South America, Argentina, Australia and more! GOD is the future of MS and that makes me very excited for what’s to come.
-Sean Lee, MS Creative Director/Producer/Dancer
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