Montell Jordan – Serving Christ!!!

View the wonderful transformation of Montell Jordan coming to Christ and his zeal to just serve in the house of God. You will LOVE THIS!!!

Montel Jordan:
Many times, when someone of Montell’s experience, success or influence comes to Christ, they are quickly ready to kick out their “new CD” and pursue “their” music ministry.  This IS NOT the case with Bro. Montell Jordan, who came to Christ and is all about “being a Christian” and serving in the house of God he is planted in.
As you view the video interview with his pastor, you can see that Montell is eager to push forward the Kingdom of God and advancing the vision at Victory World Church.  We were very encouraged to see that he gained the vision for their ministry, by grabbing onto the “heart of his pastor’s” vision for what God has given at Victory Church.
Video Below: See what the world describes as his “new change” in this news interview. The news describes this “from Pop Star to Pulpit” -Even though he’s not looking to be in the pulpit, just to lead the people in worship. (The news never gets things right)

Singer/actor Montell Jordan already announced that he left behind the entertainment business for good to become the Worship Pastor at the Victory World Church in Norcross, Georgia.  A graduate of Pepperdine University, the singer created a timeless smash hit with 1995′s “This is How We Do It” on Def Jam, which earned him Grammy and MTV Award nominations.
From his Twitter page he posted:
“It’s just been an amazing career. And it has been great,” Jordan posted on his Twitter page via http://twitter/@MontellJordan. “But it’s a calling that’s probably been with me all my life since I was a child. And I’ve known it. A lot of people in the business know it and have the same calling but that leap of faith is difficult.”
The Los Angeles-bred artist, who as a songwriter has penned tunes for Whitney Houston, Sisqo, Deborah Cox and Lil’ Mo, also thanked a lot of people for contributing to his career.
“I also would especially like to thank the countless fans I have met throughout the last 17 years all over the world for your support. I additionally would like to thank radio, retail, and the talented musicians, songwriters, producers. … I want to thank the original Def Jam staff for our many great years and success we shared together,” he wrote.

From his Facebook page he writes:

“I’m a retired R&B Recording artist. I committed my life to Jesus Christ and the spread of the good news to all nations. I’m a Family man, husband, father, friend, servant and worshipper! Wikipedia or Google me for old statistics and accomplishments… But now I’m doing a NEW thing in Christ and starting fresh in my life and newly found freedom in God.”
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