Lexi featuring K K Mime

Lexi performs with “The Founders of Gospel Mime” K & K Mime minister with this beautiful song “I Will Lift My Hands”.

K&K Mime- Keith & Karl Edmonds:
A force to be reckoned with… That’s just one way of describing the powerful anointing that exudes from the Gospel Arts duo known as K & K Mime Ministry. When you combine refined God-given talent with a continuum of the freshness of God’s anointing… watch out! Run, Devil, Run. There are no limits to what the Lord will do in and through one’s life when in the center of His perfect will, K & K Mime Ministry is living proof of that.
Who would have ever thought that ministry, through this form of the arts, would be so widely accepted as a part of the Gospel industry. We are talking totally non-traditional here. And as history has shown, things that are non-traditional have mountains to climb, simply because breaking “tradition” takes people out of their comfort zones. What the ministry of K & K Mime has done is expand the horizons of the means by which we spread the Gospel. God uses what He sees fit to make His presence known in the land. An integral part of that picture is now mime. The art of mime is to the partaker of the Gospel as sign language is to the deaf. K & K Mime Ministry brings the lyrics of Gospel songs to life through creative depiction with the use of expressive choreographed movement and dramatic storylines.
Keith and Karl Edmonds began exploring the art of mime at the age of ten, as a means of church involvement. Much to their surprise, they’re artistic creativity was more than just a church activity… it was a ministry. They began to choreograph movements for various popular Gospel songs of the time, and began performing them in local churches of their hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. By the age of sixteen the twin’s ministry team had begun to receive invitations by out of state churches and schools.
The public response to their ministry varied depending on the ideology of the recipients. Many embraced their ministry as a fresh and new way of relaying the message of the good news of Jesus Christ while others have mocked their ministry due to the fact that it goes against the grain of what is known as traditional ministry. Despite opposition and rejection, Keith and Karl committed themselves to carrying out the great commission in the manner by which God has appointed them. K & K Mime has a burden to reach the people of this present generation, as well as the babes in Christ, with tangible and life applicable depictions of the Gospel. That has been the driving force that caused them to continue on even when ministry brought sacrifice. There have been times when people have even questioned whether or not mime ministry is of God. K & K believe that the Lord is also using their ministry as a means to tear down the walls of religion. The key to their ministry is true relationship with Jesus Christ. That is what they encourage through their ministry- relationship. K & K Mime Ministry is not just Christian entertainment. Their purpose is to minister under the anointing, so that people might be saved, set free, delivered, and made whole.
Does that sound familiar? That is what the Gospel does. K & K Mime simply uses their God-given talent and creativity to turn up the volume on the word of God. They deliver the message of God in a manner by which even the unchurched person can relate and understand it.
Because mime was not a common church ministry when K & K Mime first began, they had to work overtime and use wisdom as to how to properly promote this unique ministry. Using discernment, they took most platforms that were offered to them. As God would have it, every opened door was an opportunity for another opened door. Smaller events led to larger events, which increased their exposure to the masses. In 1996 they ministered, for the first time, on BET’S Bobby Jones Gospel. It has been outlets such as this that have mainstreamed K & K Mime Ministry into the Gospel industry. They began to receive offers to minister with various Gospel artists and in churches across the country. Their ministry caught on like wildfire. Before they knew it, mime groups were popping up all over the place. Even some churches that initially did not receive their ministry had mime groups. Did that mean that there were no more skeptics? Of course not. As we all know, anything worth doing is going to have some level of challenge. It is that challenge that has kept Keith and Karl ever striving for excellence. Demand for their ministry has grown so much in the past seven years that they had to develop a strategy for managing themselves commercially. The twins began a production company, The Marmont Group, through which they manage K & K Mime Ministry as well as the host of plays that they have written and produced. They have capitalized on any and all means that God has graced them with to ensure that their purpose for this season of their lives are carried out. Serving as a catalyst for K & K Mime Ministry in the Gospel industry have been sold-out obedience to God and the favor that comes as a result. The Lord has placed people in their lives that were willing to contribute to their destiny. They have participated in several Gospel music tours in this country and abroad with well-known Gospel artist, who could be considered non-traditional as well. This exposure, along with television, has caused their ministry to be experienced among the Christian community as well as by the non-believer. That has been a part of their goal from the conception of their ministry. God has allowed them to reach out to the millennial generation as well as touch the hearts and lives of the more traditional recipients of their ministry. K & K Mime Ministry has been featured on the videos of different Gospel artists as well as released their own video projects. They have had the chance to minister to people from all denominations, cultures and walks of life. This has been beneficial in not only bridging the gap between the fundamentalist and contemporary, but also between the races. The anointing is the anointing and there is no denying that. Their ministry is easily accessible through various medians, including their website which is www.kkmime.org. (Click here to visit the site)
As their ministry grew, K & K Mime Ministry began to hold instructional workshops throughout the country. They teach people to choreograph pieces, which incorporate some sign language and a lot of dramatic creative interpretation. With no formalized training, Keith and Karl bring to life the phrase “practice makes perfect”. With their undying commitment to excellence in ministry and perfecting the gifts that God has given them, they have brought the art of mime to the forefront of the Gospel arts industry.
Keith and Karl Edmonds, K & K Mime Ministry, are considered the pioneering father’s of today’s Gospel mime ministry. Though it may be non-traditional, mime is far from uncommon. There are youths and adults across America and in Japan, Canada, Jamaica, Korea, and the list goes on, who confirm that they have begun to mime as a result of the anointing and inspiration of K & K Mime Ministry. Currently, people all over are able to experience the unique and effective art of mime to relay and receive the message of the Gospel. God has and continues to use K & K Mime Ministry to be witnesses of His word to the new millennium generation.
If you wish to obtain K&K Mime’s services please call The Marmont Group at 724-733-8165.

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