Jackson 2 Mime: Encourage Yourself

Jackson 2 Mime minister this anointed dance to “Encourage Yourself”. This dance has been viewed on YouTube over 400,000 times. Enjoy it Now!


j2imIn every aspect of their union, Corey and Ashley Jackson exemplify the Biblical truth that “a threefold
cord is not easily broken.” Through their artistic ministry, Jackson 2 Interpretive Mime (J2IM), this
young couple witnesses of the abiding strength and redemption that stems from an uncompromising
walk with God.

Resolved to glorify the Lord in all that they do, Corey and Ashley base both their marriage and their
mime ministry on the principles of Jesus Christ. Though they have been miming as J2IM only for as
long as they have been husband and wife (since 2005), the flow of their movements reflect a
synchronicity that transcends time. The unquestionable anointing that emanates from every J2IM
presentation speaks of a spiritual connection between the two that was struck long before they were
united in the flesh.

J2IM’s choreographic interpretation of God’s messages ministered through song resonate with
audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Their remarkable technical and expressive gift equips them
beyond compare to carry out their divine mission: to share God’s Word of encouragement,
enlightenment and truth with all who will open their hearts to receive it.  Thus, they are positioned to
fulfill their vision of touching the souls of men, women, boys and girls the world over.

j2im2This Savannah, Georgia-based mime duo movingly incorporates a unique blend of worship, spiritual
intimacy, and transparency into each ministry piece. Their captivating style wins hearts and minds
across denominational lines. It clearly communicates the Voice of God, holds up a mirror to every
onlooker, and inspires personal change. Corey and Ashley’s appeal arises from the realization that
“the couple behind the mask of mime” shines through–spotlighting the true nature of the Christian
lifestyle, invariably inviting others to drink more deeply of God’s Cup.

J2IM continually endeavors to build upon the firm foundation from which their ministry was launched.
Therefore, as every mime experience glorifies God, it also pays homage to the ministries that birthed
and nurtured them respectively, New Birth Fellowship Church of Albany, Georgia, and Overcoming by
Faith Ministries of Savannah, Georgia.

To book an engagement, call 912.655.4376 or e-mail gacmime@yahoo.com.


  1. Juan Henderson says:

    I’m J Henderson, founder of WeChange Ministries Inc. and I think God has smiled upon you alls ministry. It is truly a blessing to see a duo such as yours, uplift God in mime, I hope to meet you all some day and be blessed with a chance to be ministered to. May your outcome forever be more than your income in Jesus name!

  2. Bruce E. Baker says:

    The Jackson2 Mime is TRULY God inspired. Every move, every facial expression is choregraphed by the Lord. Watching you minister is truly up lifting. I always told you that it’s one thing to be talented but it’s another to be anointed. God has his Hand on your ministry. Yours is ANOINTED !

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