Fervent Prayer – Tribe of Judah

Effectual Fervent Prayer of a Righteous Man Availeth Much! This is a prayer suite from The Tribe of Judah. Music by Martha Munizzi & Micah Stampley.
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The Tribe of Judah Dance Ministry:
By Carl E. Long
The Tribe of Judah Praise Dance Ministry of Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church is one of the newest ministries in our church. Organized in December of 1999 by our beloved Minister of Music, the late Anthony R. Robinson, under the Dance Ministry Direction of Carl E. Long. The Dance ministry at PRBC began in December of 1999 as just a course in the Music Ministry Workshop. The late Brother Anthony Robinson wanted to include a Praise Dance course in the musical workshop. He contacted me and asked if I could secure a local liturgical dance company to come and minister for us during the workshop. He also wanted me to locate an instructor as well. I didn’t know if Brother Robinson was aware of my dance background, but being the person that I am, I assisted him by calling a few of my dance friends to see if they could help out. Miraculously, brother Robinson got wind of my dance training and posed the questions to me. Do you think you could teach this workshop? My immediate answer was Yes, I knew how God was already orchestrating things. I  wanted to somehow use my gift to glorify God, but didn’t have any place to do it at PRBC. If there was to be a dance ministry it would be most likely be a female only ministry. On 1st Sunday Evening December  1999, about 18 dancers showed up to joined me in the 1st ever Dance workshop at Pilgrim Rest. Boy was everyone excited. God had given me the most beautiful dance I could imagine. It was called We Shall Behold Him. Every move was a different movement with no replication of steps. Every dance step was ordained by God. The dance was very well received by the dancers. The dancers were excited and ready for a new venture in kingdom building.

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