Anthem Of Praise – Soldiers At War Dancers, Faith Ministries Center Church

Watch the Soldiers At War Dancers, from Faith Ministries Center Church in Grand Rapids, MI. Dancing to “Anthem of Praise”. You will love this!!

Soldiers At War Dancers:
The Soldiers At War Dancers is a dance ministry under the direction of Faith Ministries Center Church, Apostle David Spearman. Our desire is to express dance, worship, praise to Jesus with clean hands and a clean heart; ministering to God with our whole being.
It’s our desire that you are blessed as you watch our videos. It’s an honor to express dance through the many songs that God has brought our way and detailed to us the kind of dances that should come from them.
Thank you for all the support we continue to get through our YouTube page.
May God richly bless you.
Faith Ministries Center Church
200 Madison SE
Grand Rapids, MI.

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