Anointed 2 Praise Mime – Nobody Did It But God

Watch Anointed 2 Praise Mime Ministry, ‘Nobody But God!’, by Dorinda Clark- Cole
Faith Diamond Church, Chesapeake, Virginia.

Anointed 2 Praise Mime:
anointed2praiseAnointed 2 Praise started about 5 years ago, when a group of family members decided to get together and start a mime ministry. Inspired by K&K mime the dream became a reality! For about 2 years straight, Anointed 2 Praise Mime Ministry traveled to many churches spreading the good news about Jesus Christ. Although our numbers have decreased, we still have remained good and faithful servants to our ministry. If you have had a chance to see our ministry in action we hope that you were in some way changed and you felt a touch by God!
If you haven’t seen our ministry, please understand one thing, it’s not about us. It’s all about God!

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