Novara Gospel ITALY: Myron Butler

Watch Myron Butler and LEVI!! From the recent NOVARA GOSPEL FESTIVAL!  Held in ITALY, this is one of the most explosive Gospel Music Festival’s on EARTH!!!

Many blessings and success to Paolo Viana, who we were able to connect with and supplied us all we needed to showcase this incredible event!!!

Novara Gospel Festival: ITALY

After the success of the previous editions, especially the last three ones, with the participation of the world’s most acclaimed artists Kirk Franklin, Richard Smallwood and Donnie McClurkin, we are now organizing the sixth edition of the festival, that will begin next March with the traditional workshops for amateur gospel singers and will end with the concerts on October 2010.
The last three editions of the festival will remain memorable for us and for numerous gospel fans. Last festival closed on October 4th with an exceptional event: the concert of Donnie McClurkin, the acclaimed Grammy Awards winner.
The artist, for his first time in Italy, performed live at the Coccia Theatre in Novara, acclaimed by the audience and the media.
More than 3000 people from Italy, UK, France and Switzerland and about 120 artists took part in the festival concerts, workshops and tours and made the city administration and the sponsors very proud.
Novara has become the “Italian capital of gospel” City of Angels and, according to the media, the festival is the most important gospel event in Italy and one of the most prestigious in Europe.
The main purpose of the festival is to promote the Gospel ministry in Italy, placing Novara as one of the European leader cities for international gospel, a musical genre that receives more and more approvals every year in Italy and Europe.
Or goal is to take US gospel music to Italy the more popular possible, in particular as a cross-cultural opportunity. It will be an excellent chance for American artists youth to personally meet Italian youth with similarities discussing cultural ideologies and everyday life issues. We would like to develop new relationships that would accumulate in Italian youth and Gospel Choirs to eventually come to US and experience first hand our culture – through music, food, the arts, tours and gospel activities.
We would also like our city to become an even more important cultural and touristic destination, thanks to this project, that represents an important and prestigious event for Novara, its suburbs and for all the partners and the sponsors that have and will believe in us.
For the sixth consecutive year the Novara Gospel Festival wants also to offer the chance to meditate on the importance of non-profit help lines, like the “Telefono Amico” in Novara.
The commitment of the Festival in social activities, because of the deep connections between gospel music and voluntary service, is tangible in our concrete support in favour of the “Telefono Amico Novara”, a non-profit help line that has been working in our city for more than 20 years that needs to be economically sustained.
The project concerns the organization of the sixth edition of the Novara Gospel Festival. An artistic exceptional cast will participate thanks to the sponsors’ contributions  collected with the support of the local administration.
Novara will be for the sixth time in a row the European capital of rhythm, emotions and energy conveyed by contemporary gospel.
The workshops will be held by the much appreciated English gospel teachers Wayne Ellington and Jason Thompson. They will be followed by the concerts of some of the best international gospel artists with the main event held again by one of the greatest US World class Gospel Artist.
The Novara Gospel Festival is not only a cultural and musical event but an important opportunity to connect with our land’s traditions and touristic needs. Through the festival we would also like to promote our rich land, our history and historical places, our excellent food and wines and give the deserved value to the territory. We would like music, sounds and colors to interact with scents, tastes, visual emotions and memories.
We thank you for the time spent to read about this project.
Novara  Gospel Festival Staff
Artistic Directors and Organizers:
Paolo Viana
Mobile +39 347.2459961
Sonia Turcato
Mobile +39  349.6343803
Press Office: Marco Ottavio Graziano
Mobile +39  335.7815218
Associazione Brotherhood Gospel Choir
Baluardo Lamarmora 15 – 28100 Novara

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