Lyrical Soldier – Introduce ME (UK)

EMUSIK announces Lyrical Soldier’s single ‘INTRODUCE ME’!
In addition to the original version produced by Nadine Lee, there’s an infectious Funky House remix by GKid, plus a live remix.
Lyrical Soldier’s debut album is out in 2011.

He’s joined by the incredible, UK Gospel Music group “Ekklesia” on this single!

Lyrical Soldier:
Lyrical Soldier, is a preacher, singer, rapper and spoken word- poet and is known as a ‘Lyrical Evangelist’. Through his God-given use of words in song and through preaching, he is able to draw and plant a seed of interest in the minds of people as to who Jesus Christ is.
Born and raised in the UK, but Ghanian by heritage, Lyrical Soldier began writing lyrics from a very young age at children day recitals, which he also often performed. His love for music and creativity with words continued to grow throughout his teenage life.
Lyrical Soldier’s gift and talent comes directly from God and he believes that when the Judgment Day comes, he will be held accountable as to how effectively he used his God-given talent.Lyrical Soldier’s vision is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the World in order to aid the preparation of His Second Coming. He delivers the Gospel of Jesus Christ with constant enthusiasm and passion, whether through preaching or in song.
The future is bright and holds many blessings for Lyrical Soldier who is already working hard towards the release of his E.P by the end of the year. Lyrical soldier is a unique, expressive and inspirational young artist who has worked very hard to get to where he is today and recognises that with Christ, all things are possible for him in the future.

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