Derrick Bull and Remnant – Bless Your Name

Derrick Bull and Remnant:

When Derrick Bull began his pursuit to assemble the most anointed singers and worshippers from his hometown to help encourage people through praise and worship, it was the beginning of a journey that today has propelled him to a position of musical visionary. For nearly his entire life, the Darlington, South Carolina native has been striving to create a spiritual difference, consistently pressing to capture the minds of young people by helping them to experience God through sincere praise and worship. He has soared from being a director of the Sunshine Choir at his home church as a child, to one of the most sought after worship leaders in the state of South Carolina, emerging as the founder of the talented group, Minister Derrick Bull & Remnant.
“I grew up singing at St. Matthew’s UCJC, Apostolic church where my father is the pastor. We had a service called Pastor’s Aide every third Sunday, where everybody had to sing something, play an instrument or participate somehow. I attribute the beginning of my love for music and my journey to this.” From childhood until his tenure as a student at Francis Marion University in Florence, SC, Derrick was a member of the Mont Clare Community Choir; a seventy-plus member children’s choir founded by his aunt that became well known throughout North and South Carolina. As one of the premiere-lead vocalists, Derrick and the choir participated in, and won state and regional competitions at the McDonald’s Gospel Fest during the 1990’s, and performed with Commissioned, John P. Kee, Shirley Caesar, and other notable gospel recording artists.
Over the next twelve years, Derrick acted as a spiritual catalyst, guiding the Mont Clare Community Choir through a successful period of transition. Extending an invitation to singers and musicians he had worked with during different eras of his early music career, he helped the choir make the conversion to a worship ensemble; and eventually changed its name to Minister Derrick Bull & Remnant. The newly formed group sang cover songs for the first year while Derrick worked on arranging original song material. Recording its first music demo project would prove to be the fulfillment of a vision from God. The four song demo received rave reviews from fans, while the track Open up the Heavens was featured as Download of the Week on The Gospel Music Channel.
Derrick and his group released their first professionally recorded project in January 2010. The heart and soul of the project entitled Heart of a Worshipper are its dynamic vocals and anointed lyrics. The album features thick layers of instrumentation fronted by Remnant’s rich vocals, delivering a much-needed message of God’s compassion and love through a live worship experience. Heart of a Worshipper is overflowing with powerful praise and worship songs that are capable of leaving all gospel fans wanting to know more and have a personal relationship with God.
The project’s title track Heart of a Worshipper is a vibrant song that ushers listeners into the presence of God. The song was inspired by a musician’s appreciation service Derrick attended. The messenger spoke on the pitfalls of a worshipper, a sermon about King David and the adversities he faced during his lifetime. Eventually, as Derrick began to write songs, he explains, “It seemed like a conversation with God. I felt it was important to let God know what was on my mind, and allow my heart to be submissive and totally yielded to Him. In return, God has poured His love back into me through beautiful lyrics that will transform cultures.”

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