Coco Dupree – All Because Of You (UK)

Coco Dupree:
Ms. Coco Dupree A sensational songstress with an electrifying passion for the art.
Ms Coco Dupree is no stranger to the art of singing as she has been singing from the age of 10. Her passion for her craft can be felt through her music. Experiences, lessons, joy, pain and tears have influenced Ms. Dupree’s artistic edge, moulding her into the minister of music that she is today.
Her struggles in life have brought her to a strong place with God. Her style, lyrics and music tell a tale of a life spent in search of meaning and an inspiring tale that indulges the hearts of her audience.
Her eclectic sound is a wonderful blend of genres including traditional gospel, neo-soul, Rock and Rnb. Singer, Songwriter, Vocal Arranger and Dancer; Ms. Dupree is a very energetic artist.
Coco is a devoted and humble Christian whose only passion is to use her craft to elevate the King, and in her words; ‘My love for Him won’t cease, He brought me this far’.
With her heart set on touring across seas in the future Coco Dupree stays focused on setting the foundation and keeping her life alined with the word of God and as she likes to say ‘ Its all or nothing’ keeping that in mind she continues to push through and work outside the box musically.

This is Ms Coco Dupree – ‘Keeping it Kingdom’!

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