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It’s our desire that as you continue to come back and view, that you will see many new websites, music, videos and online media that you never knew were out there on the net.
Gospel Innovation? What does that name mean??
Gospel: is self explanatory. Gospel is the The Good News of God’s ONLY Son “Jesus Christ” who came and died as a sacrifice for mankind’s condition of sin. Giving mankind a way to be saved from the condition of sin and punishment of eternal separation from God. It’s all of what we have as believer’s “In Christ” as God’s Word “The BIBLE” states. That there is only ONE Way to God the Father and that is through Jesus Christ His Son.
Innovation: You won’t find the word “Innovation” in the Bible. This 15th Century use of the English word “Innovation” means simply “The introduction of something new”. We understand how technology continues to advance and how it has introduced “something new” to our daily lives.
To this world, the Gospel is STILL something new. Until Jesus returns, the Gospel of Jesus Christ needs to be presented, shared and received as it’s something NEW. God’s Word never changes, but to those who believe they are forever changed and perfected into the image of Christ.
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Other Thoughts:

We take an innovative approach to the way we see Gospel Music and today’s Gospel Music’s Industry, which we’d like to share:
First: Gospel Music is GLOBAL!
There are SO MANY anointed people of God that are creating uplifting songs throughout the world and believe it or not, they don’t just live in the United States.
We’re honored to work and know many Gospel Artists, Radio hosts/presenters, Music Labels from the U.K., Italy, France, Iceland, Canada and more; who have barely breached the audience of listeners here in the U.S.
Here’s the typical scenario that describes how Gospel Music is viewed in the U.S.: Example
The U.K will listen regularly to U.S. Gospel Artists along w/their own; but the U.S. will rarely ever hear of U.K. artists unless they’ve been signed to a U.S. Label that totes them around as if they are a U.S. artist. I’ve heard of some U.K. artists losing their accents so that they sound American.
We believe this is something that is ready to change here in the U.S. and Gospel Innovation will have a major hand in that.
Second: Independent Artists
I’ve heard some of the most explosive Gospel Music from independent artists. They simply had a song that the world needed to hear. Today’s Gospel Music platforms make it very difficult to get that platform for the world to hear, leaving many independent artists in the dark.
Honestly, maybe some need to stay in the dark because their sole purpose was to just give the world “one song”. We want to give a platform to independent and signed artists. We’re proud to work with so many Gospel Music Labels and their artists from around the world.
Third: We got 2 clean up our act!
We’ve met SO MANY wonderful, helpful, blessed individuals in the Gospel Music circuit. Some hard workers and people that need to get their due for how they have put others before themselves. It’s such a delight to be connected w/people that are seeking the heart of God and look to do things the right way.
It sells us on a vision for how the Gospel Music industry is supposed to be.
However, there are numbers of Gospel Artists, Music Executives, Promoters and people in the business that are just “lacking” in the area of excellence and integrity before God.
The examples are too numerous to name, but we’ll mention just one area.
This isn’t the case w/everyone, but enough to say there’s a problem here.
Gospel Artists preparation:
So many artists are simply not ready SPIRITUALLY. Yes they can sing, give stage presence and have that ready “it” factor that can sell music;
but I’ve seen and heard so many that are as dumb as a post.
-They don’t know the BIBLE.
-Don’t have a real commitment to their own church.
-Their not submitted to a Pastor that can pour into their life.
They’re not ready. So when they gain an audience that starts to want to know what they think, they’ll mess up the opportunity to be a good example.
Whether that is to fall into sin “publicly” or to say something crazy (something that directly contradicts the Bible).

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